AKM vs Groza: Which gun is better in Free Fire?

  • A detailed comparison between the two Free Fire assault rifles, AKM and Groza.
  • Both AKM and Groza are potent weapons that can inflict a lot of damage.
Modified 01 May 2020, 21:17 IST

AKM vs Groza in Free Fire
AKM vs Groza in Free Fire

Free Fire is a battle royale game where the last survivor becomes the winner of the game.

Weapons play an essential role along with skills and strategies in deciding the match-winner in Free Fire. Assault Rifles are the first choice of any player as they are useful not only in the short-range fights but also in mid-range skirmishes.

AKM and Groza are two of the most powerful assault rifles in the game. But there is always a question prevailing in the minds of players about which gun is more powerful.

Here is a guide comparing various attributes of the two guns that would enable a player to decide which one is the better option to employ in various situations.

AKM vs. Groza: Which is the better weapon in Free Fire?

AKM and Groza
AKM and Groza

Both AKM and Groza operate on 7.62 ammo and have the same magazine capacity of 30 bullets. They also have the same amount of damage i.e., 61, when used without acquiring any gun skin.

Here are a few attributes about each gun that would help a player choose the right one for the right situation:


AKM has a range of 72 which is lower than that of Groza which has a range of 75. Thus, Groza is more effective in long-range fights than AKM.


AKM has a higher recoil when compared to Groza, making the AKM a difficult gun to handle in medium-range fights. Therefore Groza should be employed as a primary weapon during these situations.



Groza has a lesser recoil as compared to AKM and also offers higher accuracy in mid-range fights.

In terms of numbers, AKM has an accuracy of 41 while that of Groza is 54, making Groza a more viable option than the AKM.


To conclude, both AKM and Groza are potent Assault Rifles in Free Fire. If a player can handle the recoil of AKM, the gun can inflict a lot of damage. Otherwise, the Groza should be prefered as the primary weapon.

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Published 01 May 2020, 21:17 IST
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