All fantastic beasts in Hogwarts Legacy confirmed so far

Hogwarts Legacy will many fantastical creatures from the Potterverse novels (Image via Avalanche Games)
Hogwarts Legacy will many fantastical creatures from the Potterverse novels (Image via Avalanche Games)

The hype surrounding Hogwarts Legacy, the upcoming fantasy role-playing game from Avalanche Games, is massive, to say the least. Potterheads across the globe have been asking for a definitive game set in the magical universe of the Harry Potter novels for more than a decade, with Hogwarts Legacy finally being the answer to that.

Avalanche Games' fantasy RPG takes place a hundred years before the events depicted in the Harry Potter novels. However, it shares a lot in common with the books, from the mytical setting to the charming townsfolk that players will meet throughout their journey.

Not only that, Hogwarts Legacy will also see players getting up-close and personal with the mythical beasts of the legends, or most appropriately called, the fantastic beasts.

Avalanche Games and publisher WB Games have been quite secretive in revealing key details regarding the mystical creatures that players will come across on their journey in Hogwarts Legacy. And yet, keen-eyed fans have been able to spot quite a few of these enigmatic creatures in the game's many promotional trailers.

Here, we take a look at all the fantastic beasts that have been revealed and confirmed to be appearing in Hogwarts Legacy.

Every fantastic beast confirmed to appear in upcoming fantasy role-playing game, Hogwarts Legacy

From dragons to trolls to even the very mysterious phoenixes, here's a look at every fantastic beast in Hogwarts Legacy confirmed so far:

  • Dragons - Dragons are the posterchild of mythical creatures and are sure to make an appearance in any work of Eastern-European or medieval fantasy series. This also holds true for the Potterverse, with the universe being home to some really enigmatic and fierce winged-creatures. The existence of Dragons in Hogwart Legacy was cemented by the very first gameplay showcase trailer as well as the most recent gameplay trailer released for the title, which showcased a dragon being held in chains by the mysterious masked adversaries in the game.
  • Graphorns - First introduced in the spin-off novella, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Graphorns an very unique quadrupedal creatures with tentacle-like features on their mouth. Found in the mountainous European regions, they are among some of the very first fantastic beasts that were revealed during the title's gameplay showcase.
  • Fwoopers - According to the Harry Potter wiki, the Fwoopers have the ability to drive people insane using their high-pitched, twittering song. As such, the creatures are sold with a "Silencing Charm" so as to counter their frustrating and potentially harmful chattering. The brightly colored bird was seen for a split second in the gameplay showcase trailer.
  • Centaurs - Much like dragons and wyverns, centaurs are a staple of Eastern-European fantasy, and as such, it isn't a surprise for them to make an appearance in the Potterverse. According to the Harry Potter wiki, they are a unique species that have a natural talent for archery, healing magic, divination, and also astronomy. The creatures were first showcased in Hogwarts Legacy's extended gameplay trailer.
  • Acromantulas - Among the many feared or some may say dreaded creatures of the Potterverse are the Acromantulas. According to the Harry Potter wiki, these giagantic spider-like creatures are known to have a taste for human flesh. These montrous arachnids were first showcased in the game's first gameplay trailer, where a group of students were seen battling it out against a horde of Acromantulas.
  • Hippogriffs - Another creature with a hybrid appearance, akin to the centaurs, the Hippogriffs have the head, front legs, and wings of an eagle and the body, back legs, and tail of a horse. The Hippogriffs were not only showcased in the game's promotional trailers, but a variant of the creature (Onyx Hippogriff) is also available as a pre-order bonus mount for players who pre-purchase Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Trolls - Trolls in Potterverse are depicted as beasts with “prodigious strength and immense stupidity,” with students at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry calling fellow students "trolls," if they happen to fail their tests.
  • Mooncalves - Mooncalves, with their adorable eyes and distinct blue skin, are amongst the very few friendly fantastic beasts in the Potterverse. The Mooncalves were first seen in the gameplay showcase trailer, with students at Hogwarts petting these cute creatures.
  • Nifflers - Nifflers are easily one of the most memorable creatures in the Potterverse, especially for those who have seen or read the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them spin-off novella. These platypus-like ceatures are extremely cunning and are known to sneak around places in search for valuables to steal.
  • Kneazles - Kneazles in the Potterverse, are known to be great pets and possess very high intellect. Those who have either read the Harry Potter novels or have seen the movies, will remember Hermione Granger’s pet Crookshanks being a half-Kneazle.
  • Thestrals - Thestrals were winged horses with a skeletal body, face with reptilian features, and wide, leather wings that resemble that of a bat’s. Much like the acromantulas, the thestrals are feared by many wizards and witches of Hogwarts, due to them being associated with darkness and the Dark Arts.The most unique feature of these creatures is that it could be seen by those who had witnessed death. The creature is available as a mount for those who purchase Hogwarts Legacy's Deluxe Edition or the Collector's Edition.
  • Phoenixes - One of the rarest and most enigmatic creatures in the Potterverse, a phoenix is a unique mythical bird that has the ability to bursts into flames when it turns old and is reborn from its ashes. Their feathers were one of the Supreme Cores, with two such feathers eventually becoming the cores of Harry Potter’s and the series' ultimate antagonist, Voldemort’s, wands. While the creature isn't showcased in the game's promotional trailers, the achievement/trophy list mentions catching a phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy.

These are just a few of the fantastic beasts that fans can expect to see make an appearance in Hogwarts Legacy. With the game being an open-world experience, players are bound to come across many more fantastical creatures in many different biomes that can be explored in the title.

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