Alpha Esports qualify for Free Fire SEA Invitational 2023

Alpha Esports won Free Fire Super Star 2023 (Image via Garena)
Alpha Esports won Free Fire Super Star 2023 (Image via Garena)

has acquired a spot in the upcoming Free Fire SEA Invitational after successfully claiming the pole position in the Super Star League 2023 MEA. It was a highly competitive Grand Finals as the top four were narrowly separated by points.

The one-month-long event started on February 18 and ran until March 18, with 24 teams from the region. In the one-day Grand Finals, the top 12 teams fought in six matches each for a place in the SEA International.

Alpha Esports plundered 95 points, of which 39 were earned from elimination. They secured one Booyah in the last match of the finals as they raised the trophy and took home the $5000 cash prize.

Free Fire Super Star 2023 Grand Finals overall standings

Here are the final rankings:

  1. ALPHA - 95 Points
  2. WASK - 83 Points
  3. STARS DZ - 80 points
  4. DICTATORS - 79 points
  5. Olympia Police - 62 points
  6. Savages - 55 Points
  7. Miracles - 54 Points
  8. La Camorra - 52 Points
  9. Police - 48 Points
  10. Nakazaki Esport - 43 Points
  11. Legend.Max - 41 Points
  12. Nakazaki Juniors - 36 Points

Wask, a Moroccan squad, competed spectacularly in the Grand Finals, but their minor slip-ups in a few matches cost them a seat in the SEA Invitational. The team achieved second place with 83 points with the help of one Booyah.

Overall points table of Super Star Grand Finals (Image via Free Fire)
Overall points table of Super Star Grand Finals (Image via Free Fire)

Despite obtaining two Booyahs out of their six matches, Stars DZ finished third due to their inconsistencies in the Finals. The team had a splendid showing in the first phase of the event. Legend.Max and Nakazaki Juniors finished eleventh and twelfth, respectively, after poor outings throughout the six games.

More about Free Fire SEA Invitational 2023

Consisting of the top 18 teams from across the globe, the Free Fire SEA Invitational is set to take place from May 12 to 28, 2023.

There will be two exciting phases: the Group Stage (May 12 to 21) and the Grand Finale (May 26 to 28). Apart from Alpha, four teams from Vietnam have earned their seats in the competition so far. Many regional events are currently being hosted, which will decide the other participants of the event.

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