Among Us: AOC 'kills' Pokimane and 'simps' over Corpse's voice in memorable Twitch debut

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez officially made her Twitch debut last night
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez officially made her Twitch debut last night

US Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka AOC, recently grabbed headlines with her decision to stream Among Us on popular streaming platform Twitch.

In what was her debut stream, the 31-year old put on quite an impressive show alongside some of the top streamers in the world, including the likes of Pokimane, Hasan, Jacksepticeye, and DrLupo, among others.

According to reports, viewership figures for her stream remained consistently in the 300K-400K bracket, peaking at an astounding 439K views at one particular juncture.

These are phenomenal figures for someone making their debut on Twitch, where she has already raked in more than half a million followers in less than two days.

AOC had taken to Twitter to officially announce that she would be streaming Among Us alongside Pokimane, HasanAbi, and others, cleverly advocating the importance of voting, which would help declare a certain 'Orange' sus:

Joining Ocasio-Cortez in her historic Twitch debut was fellow Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who is yet another inspirational figure for millennials across the globe.

The two powerhouses had a memorable time playing Among Us with several Twitch stars, and it was AOC who ended up stealing the show with her smooth and unexpected killing of Pokimane.

Pokimane falls to AOC in Among Us; AOC gets duped by Corpse's voice


Soon after an introductory crash course in Among Us was complete, AOC officially started her Twitch stream as thousands across the globe watched in wonder.

While she certainly had several impressive moments throughout the Among Us stream, there was one memorable and meme-worthy moment which ended up stealing the show.

In the clip above, we can see AOC and Pokimane tailing each other, and the former hilariously contemplates whether she should kill Poki or not:

"Oh my gosh guys, I can't believe I have to kill people in this... I can't kill Poki; she's so nice, I can't do that..."

However, her sympathy soon fades as she eventually goes on to kill Pokimane ruthlessly and casually says:

"Okay, I think I have to do that... Sorry Poki!"

On being killed by AOC, Pokimane immediately gets over the initial shock and hilariously replies in a wholesome manner:

"It was an honour. IT WAS AN HONOUR to serve you!"

The wholesome moment soon began trending on Twitter, which also inspired a meme, perfectly encapsulating the situation:

In another wholesome Among Us moment, AOC goes gaga over Corpse's deep baritone and her reaction on hearing his voice is priceless:

"His voice is so deep! I can't get over this guy's voice; it's so wow! And I'm not the only one!"

Check out AOC's wholesome reaction in the clip below:


Fans were quick to capture the moment in the form of a meme, which is already winning hearts online:

AOC's debut Twitch stream certainly ended up exceeding expectations and is, undoubtedly, one of the most memorable and historic Among Us streams ever.

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