Among Us is the most downloaded game mobile of October 2020

(Image Credit: SensorTower)
(Image Credit: SensorTower)

SensorTower recently published data showing that Among Us was the most downloaded game of October 2020.

According to SensorTower report, Among Us earned 74.8 million installs throughout October 2020, topping the charts for both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This marks the second month in a row where Among Us was the most downloaded app, and the third month in the top 10.

Among Us beats big names like Call of Duty and PUBG

Mobile gaming has had a lot of shakeups recently. Even before Among Us started topping the charts, mobile gaming saw Fortnite get removed from both of the biggest mobile storefronts. While Android users can still install the game elsewhere, iOS users have completely lost access to the game and had to move on.

Similarly, India banned PUBG within its borders, causing the game to lose access to one of the biggest growing markets for mobile gaming. SensorTower reported that 15% of total Among Us installs in October came from India, a figure that is likely being driven by the mass of Indian gamers looking for something else to play.

What’s driving Among Us to the top of the mobile charts?

Among Us achieving such high numbers isn’t too groundbreaking, as the game is simple and fun enough to earn the number of players it has. What is interesting, however, is that the game is still at the top despite its daily players dropping.

This means that as players reduce the amount of time they put into Among Us, new players are continuing to download the game. This is likely reflective of the way many people play Among Us, choosing to play once in a while with friends rather than playing for hours a day every day.

But there are a number of other factors which must be considered. One important thing to mention is that Among Us is free for mobile. This means that at least some of these installations may be from people who play on PC but wanted to have the game on their handheld device as well.

Being free on mobile also means that players can simply install the game and try it out on a whim, rather than needing to consider the overall cost of the game.

Regardless of why the game is thriving, it’s definitely impressive to see the game at the top of the charts for another month, and it will be interesting to see how long the game can last.

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