Among Us: How much money has the game made?

(Image Credit: SensorTower)
(Image Credit: SensorTower)

Among Us has had massive success, albeit a mere two years after the game’s initial release. But the game itself is actually free for most players, and only $5.00 for players who purchase the game on Steam. With its millions of players, how much money has Innersloth made off of the game?

Do millions of Among Us players turn into millions of dollars?

According to a report from PocketGamer published in mid-September, Among Us had generated at least $3.8 million in revenue more than a month ago. At the time, another report stated that over 70% of all Among Us downloads had come from a six week period prior to that date.

By now, those numbers have almost certainly changed, but we can still use them to estimate roughly how much money the game has earned.

One important thing to note is that the $3.8 million in revenue does not all get to Innersloth. Each platform the game can be found on, the iOS App Store, the Google Play Store, and Steam, each take a 30% cut from sales on their platforms, lowering the number to $2.66 million.

In addition to what Steam, Apple, and Google demand, Innersloth must also pay taxes on what they make, and must juggle the tax laws of various countries all around the world to do so.

Nevertheless, $2.66 million split evenly among the game’s three developers would be around $886,666 per developer, not a bad take for an indie game.

But money made isn’t always so simple

Of course, it would be easy to say that each Among Us developer made hundreds of thousands of dollars and leave it at that, but things are never quite so simple. Likely a significant amount of the money is being retained by the company rather than simply being paid out to the developers.

Companies do this for tax reasons, but also just to have a pool of funds to pull from for further development. While I have no doubt that the devs over at Innersloth have increased their own incomes as a result of the success of Among Us, they have all shown interest in continued development of Among Us.

Additionally, the success and publicity of Among Us has also led to further attention being given to the Henry Sitckmin Collection, a game developed by Marcus "PuffballsUnited" Bromander, further contributing to Innersloth's total revenue.

With smart management Innersloth should have everything they need to keep up the development of Among Us for quite some time.

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