Among Us: Playing to win vs. Playing for fun

(Image Credit: Innersloth)
(Image Credit: Innersloth)

Currently, there is a small debate happening within the Among Us player base about whether you should play Among Us to win, or just for fun.

This debate inevitably rises whenever any game achieves enough of a following, but Among Us brings new perspectives to the table.

Playing Among Us to win or for fun?

First of all, it’s important to note that most people don’t believe that any one way is the only correct way to play. Rather, the debate lies more on what people consider important to emphasize when playing Among Us. Someone who plays without even trying to win is likely to make the game boring for everyone else, while someone who plays only to win may end up creating a toxic environment.

Someone who prefers to “play for fun,” would likely play in a way that does not advance the game at all. Indeed, outright ignoring the objectives in Among Us could actually be considered trolling, as it’s no fun to play with an imposter who gives themselves, and their ally, away for “fun.”

Every player should consider how they and their group wants to play and attempt to adjust accordingly, as everyone is going to have a different idea about how to play the game.

What does it mean to play Among Us to win?

Playing to win means utilizing any all (non-cheating) strategies available to you and your playgroup in order to achieve victory. Exactly where you and your group draw the line on these strategies is different for each playgroup, but if someone were to play only to win then they would be expected to use every tool they could think of.

This would include asking about specific task information, watching taskbars (if available) and observing who completes common tasks. It includes encouraging players to clear each other using Medbay Scans, or asking players to group up. For imposters, it means going for double kills and lying relentlessly to throw off suspicion.

It can also involve pushing the boundaries about what is acceptable in your group. If speaking louder and more aggressively convinces more of the group then that might be considered acceptable to someone who only cares about winning.

Of course, few players play to that extreme, and anyone who plays with a dedicated Among Us playgroup should probably be careful not to play too aggressively, as they would likely want their friends to continue talking to them after the game is done.

What does it mean to play Among Us for fun?

Someone who plays Among Us for fun isn’t likely to be as concerned with outright winning the game. It means not worrying too much about rushing through tasks, or watching the taskbar too closely. As an imposter, playing for fun can encourage you to try something new, but not getting too worried if it doesn’t work out.

Players more concerned with having fun than winning in Among Us may try to prevent certain strategies they consider unfun from being used by the group at large. This can have the unintended consequence of making other strategies more powerful, but usually, it’s all in the pursuit of making the game more enjoyable for the group as a whole.

These two philosophies-of-play aren’t that different

Ultimately the debate boils down to how everyone likes to play the game. For many Among Us players winning is fun, and so playing to win is how they maximize their enjoyment. One thing that is important to mention is that players should avoid criticizing how others like to play. Calling someone else a “tryhard” or “casual” because of their preferred style of play will only alienate them, and reduce the players in your playgroup.

Instead, Among Us playgroups should have an open dialogue to discuss how everyone would like to play the game. If someone isn’t happy with excessive grouping, bringing it up between games can get players to avoid that strategy more often. It all comes down to how you communicate with your Among Us playgroup.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod


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