Animal Crossing vs Stardew Valley: 3 pairs of characters who are almost identical

Leah and Biskit (Images via Nintendo and Stardew Valley Wiki)
Leah and Biskit (Images via Nintendo and Stardew Valley Wiki)
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Stardew Valley have a lot of similarities. They are both beloved by their players and have devoted fanbases, but they don't differ a whole lot in gameplay, either. Granted, no two games are alike, but these two are strikingly similar.

They're both social simulators that serve as a way to live life virtually. Players can play these games to escape reality and live a fun life when the real world might not be as fun. The similarities don't stop there, though.

There are far fewer characters in Stardew Valley than Animal Crossing as New Horizons has over 400 villagers, and Stardew Valley has about 35. However, some of these characters are pretty similar to each other in looks and personality. Here's which ones match up best:

Villagers in Animal Crossing who match up with Stardew Valley characters

3) Bluebear and Haley

so i play stardew valley and i cant stop thinking about how i romanced haley and my friends went like "is it because she looks like taylor swift"

Bluebear is a peppy villager from Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Haley is one of the 12 main villagers in Stardew Valley. They are both considered fairly easy to befriend (but only with the right gifts for Haley). Their personalities are somewhat similar, but the real match is in their looks.

Haley is a blonde who wears a blue dress, while Bluebear is blue with a "yellowish" top. Their colors are very similar, just inverted.

2) Biskit and Leah

Biskit is a lazy villager, and Leah is an artist in Pelican Town. They don't share much personality-wise (other than neither of them being cranky or unfriendly), but the looks are pretty close.

Leah wears a green shirt and has reddish-orange hair. The opposite is true (sort of) for Biskit. This dog is orange with green ears, so the colors are reversed, but they look very similar.

1) Admiral and Shane

Admiral and Shane (Images via Nintendo and Stardew Valley Wiki)
Admiral and Shane (Images via Nintendo and Stardew Valley Wiki)

Admiral is a cranky villager, and Shane is one of the main available-to-marry villagers in Stardew Valley. They are nearly identical in several ways. For starters, their color schemes match. Admiral is a green bird who wears a blue jacket, and Shane wears a blue jacket with a green shirt.

The fundamental similarity is in their personality, though. Shane is one of the angriest villagers in the game, which makes him very similar to the cranky villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Both these characters are more challenging to befriend than others.

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