Another Eden game files reveal a Chrono Cross remaster might be announced at TGA 2021

The Chrono Cross collab goes online on December 9 (Image via AnotherEdenRPG Twitter)
The Chrono Cross collab goes online on December 9 (Image via AnotherEdenRPG Twitter)

Heralded as one of the best exclusive titles for the original PlayStation, Chrono Cross is a spiritual successor to the much-loved JRPG classic Chrono Trigger.

Chrono Cross continues to be the centerpiece of time travel, but its notoriously complex writing - from the same author as Chrono Trigger and Masako Kato - is very different in tone. Rather than merely a Chrono Trigger successor, Chrono Cross' plaudits were earned due to its strengths as a standalone game, especially its music.

Talks for a sequel were turned down by Square Enix executives (then Square Product Development) despite a respectable 1.5 million sales record and Masako Kato's interest. However, Chrono Cross has finally arrested Square Enix's attention thanks to the ongoing trend of remastering old classics (Final Fantasy VII, GTA trilogy Definitive Edition).

Another Eden x Chrono Cross crossover event set to dovetail the possible remaster announcement

Masoto Kato is also the scenario writer for Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space, a free-to-play gacha RPG. After a disappointing second anniversary event, there has been a sharp drop in its otherwise steady player count since March 2021.

The biggest rejuvenation of player activity for Another Eden, as one would guess, has been with collaboration events, such as its Persona 5 collaboration two years ago (Bound Wills and The Hollow Puppeteer).


Another Eden event, the 'Complex Dream,' is planned for this December. It is a well-anticipated crossover with Chrono Cross. This will also be a thematically strong fit for Another Eden, with time travel as the common theme between the two games.

Playable on Steam, Android, and iOS, the event can be accessed from the 13th Chapter of the main story. Players can acquire Chrono Cross characters Serge, Kid, and Herle.

More significant revelations were found by datamining the pre-loaded game files for the event. Gematsu and Xboxera had previously picked up clues of a possible upcoming Chrono Cross remaster. The event will go online on December 9, conveniently also the date for The Game Awards. The game files state:

"In honor of the release of the Chrono Cross remaster, a special COMPLEX DREAM episode is launching."
The Chrono Cross remaster will almost certainly be at The Game Awards since the datamine showed the mobile collab is releasing on December 9 (and that it's in celebration of the remaster)

Therefore, the overwhelming evidence suggests that a Chrono Cross remaster is already in talks or potentially even under development. It should be announced at the upcoming TGA 2021.

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