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Apex Legend: New Weapon Leaked By Respawn

Hrithik Raj
Published 31 Mar 2019, 19:12 IST
31 Mar 2019, 19:12 IST

Mirage with the new leaked gun in his back
Mirage with the new leaked gun in his back

Apex Legends might be getting yet another brand new weapon in the game. In the official Reddit of Apex Legends, gaming media website DotSports spotted mirage with a new gun which has not been introduced in the game. This leak shows that there's a high possibility that Apex Legends might get a new gun in the coming month. Previously we saw Havoc energy rifle was introduced in the game later after the release of Apex Legends.

Upon having a look at Apex Legends leaked image of the new gun, you can say that it may fall under the category of SMG or AR. Personally, the gun behind Mirage looks like an SMG with a high fire rate and low damage, though it's hypothetical. Apex Legends developers Respawn Entertainment has not yet confirmed anything about the new gun. We will update you all on the topic if any new news arrives.

About Apex Legends

Apex Legends is the first big title from Respawn Entertainment, a subsidiary of EA which took the market by surprise. Set in the universe of Titanfall series the game takes place in outlands. Apex Legends was revealed and released on the same day. This is the first time in gaming history, that a big title has been released on the same day as reveal. After launch Apex Legends have started to seek attention from all type of players.

Apex Legends being a great battle royale game plus a free to play title, it has gained a huge number of online players playing the game. In 72 hours of the initial launch of Apex Legends the game had over 10 million players. At current Apex Legends has more than 60 million players with millions of player playing the game concurrently.

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