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Apex Legends: 4 more things everyone wants in Apex Legends Season 1

Kuldeep Thapa
112   //    15 Mar 2019, 18:07 IST

Via Apex Legends
Via Apex Legends

The first season of Apex Legends is about to roll out along with the battle pass. The game has been gaining a lot of popularity but there is always room for more. Here are 4 things that we want in the near future in Apex Legends -

*Ranked queues are the backbone of almost every multiplayer game. Ranked queues keep the game competitive and give every player a motive to grind. It allows the player base to show their skills in a better fashion. It also filters the players according to their skill level. For example, if you are average at the game, you will most likely face other average players in the ranked queue instead of facing a much-experienced squad.

*Apex Legends currently only has one game mode which is the standard battle royale. Introducing new game modes could spice up things. New modes are always appreciated and it also gives the players an option to blow off some steam. Fortnite is known for introducing interactive game modes from time to time and maybe Apex Legends can do something similar.

*With the introduction of new things, it also increases the chance of more bugs and glitches. There are already multiple crash issues in the game. There is also a problem which makes the game laggy. Moving into season 1, it is important to make the game more optimal and bug-free.

* Lastly, the game needs to introduce achievements or items that can be rewarded to players for their progression in the Battle pass. Introducing specific missions or tasks for players will keep the community more active. It will give players a sense of satisfaction after the target is achieved. Rewarding players with exclusive items or something along those lines will make the battle pass even more valuable.

Keep in mind that Battle pass is not necessary and it won't affect your in-game stats in any way.

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