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Apex Legends: 4 details that you might have not noticed during E3

Kuldeep Thapa
09 Jun 2019, 22:34 IST

Via Apex Legends
Via Apex Legends

At the 2019 E3, Respawn revealed its future plans relating to Apex Legends. This includes things like the Legendary Hunt event and a Season 2. However, there were some indirect indications of a few things that you might have not noticed. Here are the details that went unnoticed during the event:

#1 A new way to play the game

Drew McCoy, the Project lead at Respawn gave the details about the new stuff coming in the near future. Besides the obvious new skins, a new gun, and a new champion he talks about a new way to play the game. This may not sound a lot but it could change a lot of things moving forward. It's obviously not clear if he is talking about the meta of the game or the game itself.

There is only one way to progress or enjoy the game right now. Queue up and try to finish as high as possible in a match. While this is the core of every battle Royale, it gets repetitive and boring after a while. To counter this, many Popular Battle Royale Games like Fortnite and PUBG have continuously introduced new game modes to keep the content fresh. PUBG brought the Zombie mode which became very popular and Fortnite is known for its off the track content.

It would be interesting if Apex Legends introduces something different in the near future.

#2 A new Meta

Let's be honest, the best way to play the game right now is to be very aggressive and charge whenever possible. This is very effective and satisfying at the same time. This is one of the reasons why champions like Wraith, Bangalore and Octane are super popular right now.

There has been no real strategy that has popped up which rewards a player for playing carefully or strategically. This is also the reason that both Gibraltar and Caustic are often neglected in the champ select. However, with the release of Watson, things are expected to change. She brings a more defensive side to the meta where playing strategically seems more rewarding.

#3 Mozambique Buff

It didn't take long to address the obvious problem with the most infamous gun of the game "Mozambique". Drew McCoy indirectly hinted that there will be additional hop ups in the game soon which will make Mozambique more viable.

#4 What was the monster in King Canyon?

During the closing shots of the trailer for season 2, we see our champions gliding through the air in front of an eye of a giant monster. Well we know there are two big monsters present in the King Canyon's which can often be seen in the ocean. These are leviathans from the Titanfall universe. Maybe they will play a certain role in the upcoming future which sounds very exciting!

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