Apex Legends: Beginner's guide to Octane

Via Apex Legends
Via Apex Legends

Octane is the latest hero that has been added to the game. The champion was added along with all the new missions and battle pass for Season 1.

The crazy speed demon is fun to play champion and definitely adds a flavor to the game. This being said his kit revolves around certain mechanics which can be tricky to use sometimes.

Here is a beginners guide to Octane.

Octane's 'Q' ability gives him a 30% extra movement speed at the cost of 10% max health. This is a busted ability and if you can manage it properly you are set for the game. This ability lets you flank the enemies from different positions.

It's also a great ability for repositioning yourself. It is similar to Bangalore's passive but instead of being a passive it's a tap ability. You can spam this ability as much as you want on the cost of your health. Make sure to use the ability carefully because it does take your health.

Octane's passive ability heals him over time. The ability is slow and is not an instant heal. It synergizes very well with his 'Q' ability.

Octane's ultimate lets him deploy a jump pad. This jump pad can be used to boost yourself in the air for a brief moment. This can be used by your teammates or anyone else on the map.

Similarly, you can use enemy octane's jump pad too. It is a great tool for setting up a flank. It can also be used to get a higher ground it a team fight and we all know how important it is in Apex Legends.

Octane is very powerful champion in right hands. He has a very small hitbox similar to Wraith. Apex Legends is a game which is based around revolves around rapid movement so Octane certainly fits the bill.

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