Apex Legends Characters: Beginners guide to Wraith

Via Apex Legends
Via Apex Legends
Kuldeep Thapa

Apex Legends is the name of the hour right now. The game has become insanely popular in a short span and everyone has only good things to say about the game. However, the game is not at all easy and due to its champion-based system, it brings some complexity to the table.

Here is a beginners guide to Wraith.

Wraith is a champion which is super good at closing the distance between the enemy and herself and bursting them down.

Her main ability is 'into the void'. This ability lets her go invulnerable for a brief moment and her movement speed increases significantly. You can surprise the enemy team by flanking them with this ability. Keep in mind that the enemies can see your trail while using this ability. This ability is also a great escape tool. You can use it to run away from fights. During the ability, you will see several images or shadows resembling champions. This is just a figment and completely made up. There may be a chance that sometimes it is an enemy champion but most of the time it won't be.

Wraith's passive will allow her to automatically detect nearby enemies using echoes. You can then press 'H' and it will automatically highlight the direction of enemies to your teammates.

Wraith ultimate ability will allow her to set up a portal which can be used by anyone. This is a game changer when used correctly. You can surprise the enemy with your entire squad via a portal. There are several things you can do with the portal. You can make a portal for a Knocked down teammate and revive them safely.

You can also use the portal to cover large distances. This especially useful when you are far away from the zone.

Wraith is a great aggressive champion. She is built for close combats and can be devastating in right hands.

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