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Apex Legends: New solo mode to launch on August 13 for limited period

Tarun Sayal
36   //    07 Aug 2019, 21:21 IST

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a free battle royale PC game by EA, where you fight for the title in a team of three. It stars different characters who all have different abilities to choose from, as well as a number of features and weapons.

The game officially rolled out back in February and ever since then, you had to play matches in a trio so there have been a multitude of requests from players to introduce a solo mode. So without further ado in this piece, let's take a look at details about the upcoming changes in Apex:

Apex Legends solo mode details

The Apex Legends developers considered the request and finally, a solo mode is all set to hit the game next week. So, you are able to ditch the team and go solo in a match.

However, the mode will be available for a limited time from August 13 to August 27, which will accompany the Iron Crown Collection Event. As you can see below, the announcement was confirmed through their official twitter handle:

In the immediate aftermath, players were sure to have a number of questions about the mode and how things would work. The game's respawn community manager posted on Reddit with regards to solo mode:

"We'll talk more about Solos when it's live and you've had a chance to play it. For now, we're going to put it out there, see what happens and what kind of feedback we get."

From the above statement, it's clear that should solo mode prove a success with positive feedback from their player base, the developer team would consider making it a permanent addition within the game.

However, it's still a mystery as to which characters will be available for players to utilise in solo mode. Do you think it's possible to get new characters, or should the developers just continue as normal with the present-day characters? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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