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Apex Legends News: Possible New Weapon Leak

Anuj Gupta
Published 30 Mar 2019, 07:56 IST
30 Mar 2019, 07:56 IST

Image courtesy: EA
Image courtesy: EA

Respawn Gaming has been improving and fixing Apex Legends ever since its inception. The recent “check-in” posted by the community manager of the company disclosed many performance updates and an in-depth look at the upcoming patch.

The Reddit thread of Jay Frechette, the community manager of Respawn Gaming, also included a hidden leak. One of the images in the post reveals a new weapon which is not in the game as of now, which could very well be a planned easter egg by the game developers.

Image courtesy: Reddit
Image courtesy: Reddit

The picture shows in-game character Mirage equipped with an unknown submachine gun/ assault rifle. A new weapon of sorts would be an exciting addition to the ever so developing battle royale game. The developers had also promised players exclusive game content, and this could be a part of that.

Respawn Gaming had only released one new weapon since its launch, so it makes sense that they are putting new toys for the players to cause havoc with.

Current Apex Legends players were expecting a new weapon with the opening of Season One. However, Respawn Gaming instead introduced a new legend in the form of Octane, with no new arsenal included. If the leaks are true, there might be not one, but several weapons coupled with new legends to add to the content of this up and coming Fortnite rival.

Some other important changes included the tweak of the resting bonus of heroes from 50K XP. Now, the resting bonus will increase by 25K, capping at 250K.

The developer also promised that the next patch will cap the frame rates of the game to a constant 300, as there was an in-game bug which disallowed players to enjoy more than 144 frames, despite not capping the frames in the game settings.

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