Apex Legends Octane and Wattson: Everything We Know About The Apex Legends New Characters

Apex Legends: Octane Skills
Apex Legends: Octane Skills
Hrithik Raj

Apex Legends Season 1 is going to start in the month of march. There are tons of new content including new characters, cosmetics and other items which are set to release with Apex Legends Season 1. As the release date nears, we are getting to know more about some of the details on the new characters of Apex Legends, all thanks to the data miners.

Apex Legends new character octane skills were revealed earlier by childz_pl4y. Octane's passive skill is called "Swift Mend" which allows him to restore health over time, while not taking any damage from enemies.

Meanwhile, Octane's tactical skill is called "Adrenaline Junkie" which helps him move 30% faster for 8 seconds. It costs 10% of health and it's immunity slows down while active. At last the ultimate skill of octane is called "Launch Pad" which allows him to deploy jump pads which catapults the player into the air. So far we have almost every detail on Octane's skill even though its not yet been confirmed or officially revealed by the developers.

Octane' skill tree exhibits his use in the battlefield as a scout or a ranger. His fast speed and health regeneration buffs can be used to outperform players. In terms of speed and mobility, I think wraith is the only character so far that I have liked to play the game with.

Apex Legends: New Character
Apex Legends: New Character "Octane" Overview

Octane is not the only character which might get revealed or released in the coming season 1 of Apex Legends. There are other characters in which Wattson is one of them whose name is confirmed so far. In terms of abilities of Wattson we know about only one which is called "Tesla Trap". The name suggests that the ability might be similar to that of caustic, it can be used to set traps and electrocute enemies. Follow me and Stick to Sportskeeda for more updates.

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