Apex Legends players take to Twitter with #SaveApexRanked after ranked mode is plagued with hackers

Apex Legends players have banded together in an attempt to save the game from hackers (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Apex Legends players have banded together in an attempt to save the game from hackers (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Danyal Arabi

After nearly two full seasons of being griefed by hackers and DDoSers in Apex Legends, the players have had enough. Multiple professionals and community members have taken to Twitter to get Respawn Entertainment's attention to fix the game's ranked mode issues.

NRG's Chris "sweetdreams" Sexton began the wave with an "Empty Promises and False Hope" twitlonger.

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#SaveApexRanked trends as players call on the devs to fix Apex Legends

Sweet managed to touch upon a host of issues plaguing Apex Legends players for over a year, from DDoSers to blatant aimbotters in less popular regions.

The heartfelt plea to save a game that he is passionate about struck a chord with the Apex community as multiple professionals began picking up the torch as well.

Sweet noted in his twitlonger:

"This issue is not only a NA/EU one, which all times of day you can almost 100% get a cheater in your lobby who even IF killed, will IMMEDIATELY DDOS the server and take it down so nobody can continue to play, and you then queue into the next game with them again. There are entire regions that are unable to play the game due to this. It is sad. I sparingly use the word pathetic, but in this case, it really has been pathetic to watch cheaters all but control the ranked ladder for the better part of 7 months."

Earlier this quarter, the Apex Legends Security staff hideouts had mentioned that the DDoS issue would be fixed via a patch. However, this promise turned to be empty, as noted by Sweet in his Twitlonger.

The Director of Communications at Respawn, Ryan K Rigney, responded to the twitlonger, admitting that Sweet makes some valid points:

Hopefully, the beginning of a dialogue between the developers and the community leads to something productive soon.

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