Apex Legends Season 10: Everything known about Seer’s abilities so far

Apex Legends Season 10: New legend's abilities make him more of a hunter than a dancer. (Image by Electronics Arts, Respawn)
Apex Legends Season 10: New legend's abilities make him more of a hunter than a dancer. (Image by Electronics Arts, Respawn)

Apex Legend Season 10 Emergence arrives on August 3rd in style with a new legend named Seer. After Bloodhound and Cypher, another recon character will be entering the Outlands.

A few days ago, Respawn dropped an animated trailer titled “Metamorphosis” surrounding the lore for the new legend Seer. A legend built on old folklore or prophecy that made him an outcast.

With his parent’s love and support, he became someone with a stylish and sophisticated personality meant to outshine everyone. In the Metamorphosis trailer, it was seen that the legend likes to fight while dancing with elegance.

All about Apex Legends’ latest character abilities

Seer will be the 18th legend to join the Apex Legends roster. The legend’s full name is not yet known, but his first name is Obi. He is fully equipped with abilities that completely make him similar to other legends like Bloodhound, Valkyrie, Crypto, and Pathfinder.

Just like every other legend, the newly added one will also have one Passive, Tactical, and finally an Ultimate Ability. Everything about Seer’s abilities is described below:

  • Heartseeker (Passive Ability): Seer while aiming down sight can hear heartbeats of other legends in close proximity. Allowing him to hunt down opponents by knowing their positions.
  • Focus of Attention (Tactical Ability): Seer is equipped with mini-drones which after a while pinpoint all enemies in front of the legend. Just like Revenant, this agent can interrupt healing or reviving capabilities for eight seconds. Not only that, but Seer can also reveal opponent health when using this.
  • Exhibit (Ultimate Ability): Seer can deploy a swarm of mini-drones in this heart chamber to form a sphere. Any legend moving too fast or shooting in the sphere area will get marked and leaving their positions revealed. Just, like Crypto and Horizon’s ultimate abilities, Seer’s heart chamber can also be destroyed.

Other than the lore from the Apex Legends' Metamorphosis trailer, not much is known about Seer’s home planet or anything else. But it will all be revealed with the release of the next season coming early next month.

Apex Legends fans are really excited for Season 10 to try out the new legend’s unique abilities. Seer has already received a warm welcome before any players have even tried him; he'll be a fan favorite in no time.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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