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Apex Legends: Season 2 release date revealed; new weapon and champion to be introduced

  • A look at all the new features and what to expect from season 2.
Kuldeep Thapa
Modified 09 Jun 2019, 12:25 IST
Via Apex Legends
Via Apex Legends

Apex Legends season 1 is coming to a close and with that details regarding season 2 of the game have emerged.

Season 2 will arrive on July 2 and will be called Battle Charge. According to Drew McCoy of Respawn, the developers have received a lot of feedback based on season 1 and have attempted to address that. From a fan's perspective, this is definitely encouraging news.

That being said here are the major features of season 2:

A new weapon, L-Star, will be added to the game. L-Star will be a monster out there on the battlefield. From the clips, it's evident that it functions very smoothly and is a game changer. The gun is exclusive to airdrops like Kraber and Mastiff so you might have to take a few risks to get your hands on the gun.

Like all the airdrop guns it uses unique ammo making it all the more tricky.

Via Apex Legends
Via Apex Legends

A new champion will also be introduced in season 2. The champion, called Wattson, seems much more complex in comparison to the others. She can set electric fences which work as traps. While the champion is mainly structured towards the defensive end, she can be pretty useful on offense as well.

Season 2 will be challenge-based instead of time-based. This means that the challenges will stack up if you don't complete them and you can do all of them at once.

A new ranking system will also be introduced in season 2. This is a much-needed addition and it's good that Respawn is finally introducing it into the game. This system will categorize players according to their skill level and you will generally play against other players possessing the same skill level as you.


There are skins and other minor changes that will feature in season 2 so stay tuned for more details.

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Published 09 Jun 2019, 12:25 IST
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