Apex Legends Season 8 hitboxes: Wraith gets easier to hit

Rob Kalajian

Apex Legends has had a hitbox issue for quite some time, with some Legends being easier to hit than others due to their size.

Legends like Wraith, Lifeline, and Watson receive 5% more damage to compensate for this. This is just like larger Legends taking 15% less damage since they are easier targets.

Apex Legends Season 8 hitbox changes balance the game


As of Season 8, Wraith's hitbox is more extensive, making the diminutive Legend easier to hit.

Pathfinder got a hitbox change in the previous season that significantly improved the balance of the Apex Legends.

Here's the statement from Apex Legends:

"Wraith now has a slightly larger hitbox than her fellow small legends, but the changes stay true to her model. As you can see in the before and after comparison, we're adding some width mostly in the torso and leg areas."

The changes applied to Wraith are not massive, but they make her a slightly better target. Even with the hitbox change, Wraith retains her low-profile perk, increasing the damage she takes by 5%.

Respawn will monitor Wraith usage to make sure the balance of power stays in check.

So far, the changes seem to have gone over well with Apex Legends players. There haven't been any significant outcries on Twitter or other social networks.

Some Wraith mains are crying afoul, but the Apex community as a whole has welcomed the changes with open arms.

Balancing characters in massively multiplayer games can often be difficult as players find inventive ways to use a character's kit. The Legends of Apex Legends are no exception to this rule.

Respawn is constantly working towards making the game fun and competitive for all.

It will be interesting to see how the Wraith changes shake out through Season 8's run and if the Legend will receive any further nerfs or buffs as a result.

Until then, Apex Legends players can sleep a little bit better knowing that Wraith now has a better shot at taking a bullet.

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