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Apex Legends System Override drops hot!

System Override
System Override
Debarshi Das
Modified 29 Feb 2020, 19:58 IST

Apex Legends released a year back, on February 4 2019. It has been a long year since then and several exciting updates have been dropped in the interim and changes to the base game which was the once brain-child of Respawn Entertainment studios collaboration with the company EA.

The game was massively inspired by the Titanfall Franchise, which was also the production of Respawn Entertainment studios and was a huge success. However, now, a year later, it has reached a whole new level.

At first, when the game first hit the PC, PS4 and XBOX platforms, it was met with skyrocketing hype and a warm welcome from the, now huge, fan base who were looking for a fresh outlook on the battle-royale genre. It has become a fan-favourite since then and has walked neck-to-neck with the former ruler of the battle-royale genre, Player Unknown's Battle Grounds, PUBG.

That being said, Apex Legends is yet to make a prominent headway in the esports scene.

 System Override - The New Event

Apex Legends' next time-bound, temporary event, System Override Collection will drop hot on March 3, 2020, and will be available for play for 9 days till March 17 2020. It was confirmed through a tweet by the official twitter handle of Apex Legends @PlayApex. The new game mode is being called 'Deja Loot'.

Like every other Apex Legends event that has been released till date, this event also carries with it new game modes, new cosmetics such as weapon skins, a brand-new heirloom and character models, all of which are temporary and will be gone as soon as the event ends on March 14, 2020.

A Deeper Look

The new model has been named Deja Loot. The event has been divided into two parts. The first division will extend from March 3 to March 9 and take place on World's Edge while the other half will continue from March 1 to March 17.


This model is peculiar. The loot that is found somewhere will be permanently spawned there every match. For instance, if you find a fully loaded Mozambique, in a supply bin in Skull Town, it will be spawned there every time.

Action from the game.

Action from the game.

The dropship path and safe ring location will be constantly changing every day

There's been the addition of an experimental armor as well, called the Evo-armor. This is a new variant of the body shield which starts as a weaker version of the white shield but, there is growth in its strength as the player inflicts more damage onto the enemies.

Evo armor.
Evo armor.

It will max out to hitpoints somewhere between an epic(purple) and a legendary(gold) body shield. This shield is exclusive to the Deja Loot game mode for now, but the devs may consider adding it as a permanent feature to the main game. Only time will tell.

Like the previous Grand Soiree Arcade event, System Override Collection will also include a prize track which the player can grind through to win exciting in-game cosmetics and additions.

Enter caption

However, the one particular feature of the event that is stealing the limelight is the introduction of a brand new 'Heirloom' exclusive to Octane. It has a butterfly-knife like structure with a stim syringe attached to it which Octane uses to take a hit when the second ability is activated.


The Heirloom is the rarest in-game cosmetic available in Apex Legends. Back when the game had been released it was only available in the form of a Kunai knife. However, as time progressed, newer models of heirlooms have been added with this Butterfly heirloom being the latest one since Bloodhound's axe.

Core Changes to Loot Drop System

Considering the rock-bottom percentage of heirlooms drops from Apex Packs. The developers have decided to re-build the loot drop system to make the drop chances of the Heirloom fairer to all the players and not just to those who spend currency to farm apex packs.

With the drop of System Override Collection, instead of randomly unboxing an heirloom, the players will now, earn heirloom shards. These shards can be saved up and used to redeem an Heirloom of the player's choice. Currently, there are five heirlooms in the Apex Legends arsenal. They are - Wraith, Bloodhound, Lifeline, Pathfinder and Octane.

Heirlooms are coveted in the game.
Heirlooms are coveted in the game.

Now the players are given the choice of which heirloom to unlock instead of relying on sheer luck to unbox a random one.

There are also 24 themed and limited-time cosmetic items which can be purchased by the players through Apex Coins and Crafting Materials or can be unlocked via certain special Apex Packs. If a player nabs all 24 of them, then he'll be rewarded with brand new Octane's Heirloom cum stim syringe.

Published 29 Feb 2020, 19:58 IST
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