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Apex Legends: Which legend needs a buff the most in Season 6?

(image credits: rockpapershotgun)
(image credits: rockpapershotgun)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 28 Sep 2020, 09:17 IST

Apex Legends from Respawn Entertainment and EA has been nothing short of a breakout success. The game was well-received by fans and critics alike, and still boasts of a massive player base.

Each Legend in the game has its own unique kit, which adds complexity and depth to the game. This sets Apex Legends apart from many of its contemporaries, as the game differs wildly when playing with different Legends.

The key here is that each Legend must be viable in its own unique way so that players can experiment with different combinations of Legends in each squad. Ideally, every character must be on an even playing field and perfectly balanced to prevent a couple of them from dominating the field.

However, that is extremely difficult to achieve, and Respawn tinkers with the Legends' kit in order to achieve the perfect balance with all the Legends. But as it stands, some Legends simply have the upper-hand.

Here we take a look at one specific Legend that desperately needs a buff in order to be just as viable as some of the others in the game.

Which Legend needs a buff the most in Season 6?

Loba, one of the more recent characters in Apex Legends, added to the game in Season 5, has been quite the disappointment for players. Her arrival was marked by the biggest change to King's Canyon and a fantastic story-arc with Revenant.

Players' earlier impressions regarding Loba's loot-based kit suggested that Loba would drastically change the odds in the favor for her squad by obtaining useful loot early on in the game.


Loba's Ultimate requires a lot of re-work

(Image credits: Reddit)
(Image credits: Reddit)

However, her kit does little to help the squad and instead gives away their position in a big way. Moreover, if her Ultimate, the Black Market Boutique, are not destroyed, it allows for enemy players to exploit it as well.

Loba's Tactical

(image credits: gamer tweak)
(image credits: gamer tweak)

Her kit is in desperate need of a re-work, while her Ultimate and Passive are still functional in theory, her Tactical needs a lot more work as well.


Loba's jump drive should allow for faster mobility around the map and give her the tactical advantage over enemy players. Instead, the Jump Drive is a dead give-away as that distinct sound alerts enemy players to her presence instantly.


Much like Mirage before his complete revamp, Loba is in desperate need of a buff, because as it stands, she is one of the characters with the least pick-rates in Apex Legends' Season 6.

Published 27 Sep 2020, 17:06 IST
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