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Apex Legends World Record set by 24-year-old esports Pro

Debarshi Das
Modified 14 Feb 2020, 18:20 IST

Captured from Aceu
Captured from Aceu's stream

It had been hardly 28 hours into the new update which kickstarted Season 4 - Assimilation, that Aceu, the 24-year-old esports Pro representing the well know the face of Team NRG set the Apex Legends World Record for Highest Kills in a single game in Season 4 by dropping 29 kills in a single game in a live Twitch stream. The fourth expansion of Apex Legends, which included new weaponry, character, cosmetics and much more.

However, the response from the fan base is like never before! The player count of Apex Legends has increased by staggering amounts and the experience is as good as it gets. Especially for Aceu it seems as the Twitch streamer cum professional Apex Legends player, representing Team NRG called and dropped 29 kills with his favourite character, Wraith, the void walker, in a single match on the map World's Edge which was added to the game as a part of the free seasonal update.

How it happened

Just like in every other Battle Royale game, players in Apex Legends drop from the sky from a dropship onto the map and scavenge for loot as they make their way to the top by eliminating other players. Upon dropping onto the map, Aceu, in a mood of play, casually said that in that match he'd be dropping the "dirty thirty" which meant 30 kills. However, as the match progressed he just wouldnt stop getting the frags and wiping out entire squads by himself. All of this while simultaneously reading twitch chat! What a monster!

However, he tried hard but couldn't land 30 kills as his squad won the match on his 28th kill. It must be noted that he downed his last, 30th prey but couldn't get the finisher and it was not registered as a kill. After pulling through so much they placed what they deserved, Champions of the server.

Aceu's comments on his performance in the match where much fascinating as he began ranting because he was so close to 30 kills yet so far. "I'm so mad" and "I'm depressed" is what he had to say after dropping a staggering 29 frags with little to nil assist from his team and here I am getting all juiced up after dropping 1 kill. Well, pros are pros for a reason!

Published 14 Feb 2020, 18:20 IST
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