Aragami 2 gameplay reveals new features at Guerrilla Collective Showcase

Aragami 2 gameplay reveals new features (Image via Lance Works)
Aragami 2 gameplay reveals new features (Image via Lance Works)

On Day 2 of the Guerrilla Collective showcase, Lince Works, the development team of Aragami, showed exclusive gameplay footage revealing new features for their upcoming title, Aragami 2, as E3 2021 approaches.


Aragami first came out on October 4th, 2016, for all platforms. This third-person action-adventure indie title amassed a huge amount of popularity with its stealth-oriented gameplay.

In this game, the player has to play as a ninja who uses shadow and other forces of nature to hide in plain sight while completing objectives to further progress through the game. The game featured a captivating story that up to two players can enjoy in co-op.

In today’s showcase, Lince Works revealed gameplay footage of their next iteration of the game, Aragami 2, where a bunch of new features have been displayed.

New features in Aragami 2

In the gameplay reveal video, the Community Manager at Lince Works, Gina Campoy, addresses the fans, as she explains the new features added in Aragami 2 through detailed gameplay.


While the gameplay seemed the same as the previous game at first sight, she quickly changed the course of action through a few detailed maneuvers that clearly weren’t present before in Aragami.

Along with all these new features, Gina also mentions that the movement will be much smoother, with the world being much more interactive. The combat mechanics have also improved, as players can now engage in direct combat with their enemies.

The newly added features in Aragami 2 feature the ability to double jump, air dash, wall and ledge hold, and stealth covers. The character players play as can harness the power of shadows to their advantage in order to move forward.

By further adding new features to its arsenal, Aragami 2 will surely trump the previous masterpiece. Not to mention their first game’s captivating storyline.

Given their previous work, fans expect yet another masterpiece of a game from Lince Works. Aragami is set to launch on all platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, on September 17th this year.

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