As Skye officially hits the live servers, here is all you need to know about Valorant's new Agent

(Image Credits: Riot Games - Valorant)
(Image Credits: Riot Games - Valorant)

As was announced by Riot Games, Skye - the new Agent has arrived in Valorant along with the 1.11 patch, on 27th October. Keeping up with Riot's policy of 'one Agent per Act', Skye's introduction in Act 3 was initially announced by Valorant in the beginning of October 2020.

The 13th name to join the roster of Agents on Valorant, Skye is a nature-themed character with an AOE healing ability for teammates, and vision impairment abilities for her enemies.

Skye has been released in the game with the 1.11 patch, however, Riot have announced that they will hold on to the introduction of Skye in the competitive scene for one bi-weekly patch cycle, until 9th November.

"Skye will be available for use in official esports competition (e.g., First Strike) after two weeks in Competitive queue (November 9, barring any issues)"

Valorant: Skye's abilities

C: Regrowth

This ability allows Skye to channel for a short duration to heal all her allies within a specific radius. Regrowth is an AOE ability and heals all allies equally within the radius.


The channel duration has a time specific bar alloted to the ability, which allows Skye to toggle Regrowth.

Q: Trailblazer

Skye's second ability allows her to summon a Tasmanian tiger, which leaps on an enemy, to leave them concussed for a short duration.


Although an extremely important utility in Valorant, the Tasmanian tiger can be taken out by an enemy if they see it coming from a distance by simply shooting at it. In the proper hands, with a combination like Sova's Recon abilities, the Tasmanian tiger can be extremely lethal at short range, leaving enemies defenseless.

E: Guiding Light

For her signature ability in Valorant, Skye uses Guiding Light to summon a hawk, which explodes upon denotation. The explosion causes all enemies caught in the line of sight to be blinded for a short duration, thereby allowing Skye and her teammates to catch the enemies off guard.

Guiding Light
Guiding Light

Much like the Tasmanian tiger summoned using Skye's Trailblazer ability, the Hawk summoned using Guiding Light can also be fired upon and destroyed before Skye gets the chance to detonate it. Destroying the Hawk by shooting at it would mean that the blinding effect does not take place on the enemies, and the plan for an ambush fails.

X (Ultimate): Seekers

Skye's ultimate ability, much like its name, allows Skye to summon three Seekers that run forward in an attempt to catch enemies off guard, and explode in from of them, causing them to be nearsighted for a short while.


Like both the other offensive abilities that Skye has, even the seekers can be destroyed by the enemies if shot at. However, seekers are designed in such a manner that they tend to split up and search for various targets. Thus there can be a maximum of three total enemies who get hit by the seekers and get their location revealed, in addition to the impaired vision.

Skye has already arrived in Valorant, and players are queueing up to get their hands on the agent. With Riot Games scheduled to introduce Skye into the competitive arena on 9th November, it remains to be seen how she performs in-game.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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