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Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Second Episode of DLC, Level Scaling Options and More in the January Update

Gautam Nath
10 Jan 2019, 06:29 IST

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Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Odyssey seems to keep on giving content. The predecessor Assassin's Creed: Origins seemed to be an endless sea of content but in this expansion, Ubisoft has given even more. There are a few important updates coming this January, according to Ubisoft's official update page. The update will be releasing today, 10 January.

The Legacy of the First Blade – Episode 2: Shadow Heritage

After the release of the first episode of the DLC last month, The Legacy of the First Blade continues with the release of the second episode. Titled Shadow Heritage, the story continues to follow Darius, the original wielder of the first Assassin's blade.

You are in the port city of Achaia, where you must rescue stranded citizens from a fierce Naval commander known as the Tempest. The second episode will feature naval and maritime warfare, which was what made predecessor Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag so popular. The DLC will be available on January 15 and not the 10th.


Two new missions will be available with the January update: Daughters of Lalaia and Poet's Legacy. These missions will expand the storyline as well as grant you experience and rewards. Players need to be at Level 13 minimum and should have reached Chapter 5 of the main storyline to do these side quests.

New Monster - CYCLOPS – ARGES

Monthly 4

A challenging monster from the Greek mythos, players can face the Cyclops Arges aka "The Bright One" in order to get a legendary weapon - the Hammer of Hephaistos. Be warned! This is an end game challenge and players should ideally be level 50 to face him.

New Feature - Enemy Scaling

Players can now choose the level of difficulty they want their enemies. This feature was requested by the community and has finally come to fruition. Note that this feature will not be available if the player is playing on Nightmare Difficulty Mode.

  • Heavy – All enemies remain at your level.
  • Normal – No change in the difficulty settings.
  • Light – Content is around two levels below your level.
  • Very Light – Content is around four levels below your level.

More can be found in the update video and page.


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