Auto Chess Mobile: Review and guide to the Mobile Auto Chess world

Auto Chess Mobile
Auto Chess Mobile

When the news came out of DOTA2 Auto Chess being processed for an independent release, most thought it was going to be a PC version. To everyone's surprise it was revealed that Drodo Studio was releasing the first ever independent Auto Chess game for mobile, in addition, it was announced at the same time that Auto Chess Mobile will not be connected with DOTA2.

That meant the removal of the Dota2 heroes from the game, it was scary news considering the entire game was dependant on the DOTA2 characters. New character meant new classes, new species combos and a lot of new stuff that we need to accept with the game. So let's find out what Auto Chess Mobile brought to us.

The very first thing that you notice in a mobile game is the loading time. Even though the game is just launched and still under development, the loading screen is pretty fast comparing to other mobile games.

The main page is pretty simple. Your profile - which is basically your Avatar and Rank can be found on the left top corner of the screen. This is a very good thing because in the Dota2 Mod version one could only see their rank when they are in-game. Below the rank, there are options for the announcement, chat option and other non-gameplay related options.

The right side of your screen shows your candies (in-game currency) on the top, it has a little candy sign with the number of candies written beside. Inventory, leaderboard, and shop is also on the right side. The option at the bottom is shop and the option just above the shop is your leaderboard access point where you can check the world leaderboard.

About the game-related stuff, one change that nobody expected was the removal of the calibration system. There is no calibration system anymore. Before everybody played calibration games as "Unknown" and after calibration, they were placed. Now everyone starts with Pawn and make their way to the top of the world.

Heroes were changed but it's not something out of the world. There are new heroes but they are very much related to the Dota2 version, so you can't really play Axe but you can play the mobile version of Axe. The in-game player list is now on the left and just like the PC version you can click on the players to see their boards. The placement of chess pieces is the same, you can even swap them on the waiting bench.

The game is now also new user-friendly, the mobile version is trying to make the game less complicated. Now if you have 2 same chess pieces, the 3rd piece (which will upgrade the piece to next star) will have a golden glow when it arrives, so you don't need to remember them anymore.

The item names are mostly the same but the icons have changed. Drodo is using their own icons but it will not take you long to get used to them. Another noticeable thing is that now when you click on someone's board, you don't only see their chess pieces but also see their DPS stats. So, go ahead and give it a try, if you are already an Auto Chess fan then the game is worth your time.

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