Auto Chess Mobile

Last Modified Apr 29, 2019 11:06 GMT

Auto Chess Mobile is the recent edition of Dota2 Auto Chess. Auto Chess was initially released as a MOD map for Valve's DOTA2. The mod gained huge popularity in a very short time, reaching almost 7 million subscribers. Soon after the game crossed 6 Million subscriber, Valve offered development support to the game.

Drodo Studio - the creator and developer of the game decided to release Auto Chess as an independent game. The studio decided to release on the mobile first. The studio have not announced any official release date yet for Auto Chess Mobile.

Auto Chess Mobile gameplay is similar to the original mod. The game follows the same rules and nothing in the game has changed. However, they will keep adding new characters and new couriers for the players. The game will even allow players to buy different Chess Board from the shop using their In-game candies. You can also buy different skin for your courier or a different courier. Auto Chess Mobile will be under development for sometime before it is released for everyone.

Auto Chess Mobile characters are different and unique. Drodo promised an independent game and because of that they decided to take the DOTA2 characters out of the game. Auto Chess Mobile will arrive with its own unique characters, however, the characters are inspired by DOTA2. Even though the heroes have different skin and details, the base model is still the same and it can be easily connected to DOTA2 characters.

Dota2 Auto Chess is still active as a MOD while Auto Chess Mobile is almost out of its Beta Version. According to the development studio - Drodo, Auto Chess Mobile will soon be released and the game will be available on both Android and IOS. Auto Chess Mobile will be available to IOS and Android users soon it releases.

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