Away from toxicity: Fallout 76 has one of the best multiplayer community in the world

Me and my gamer buddy hanging out
Me and my gamer buddy hanging out

Fallout 76 might not be the best multiplayer game out there. In fact, it doesn't even come close to being a good game most of the time, what with its enormous amount of glitches, server crashes, frame rate issues and the never-ending cycle of boring meaningless quests.

But it does something really good, something none of us were probably expecting in a multiplayer game. That is the friendly atmosphere and community the game has grown up to form.

Fallout 76
Fallout 76

Multiplayer games are known to be filled with toxic people and hence one of the prominent reason as to why a certain section of gamers avoid those games.

Now previous Fallout games being a traditional single-player RPG, 76's online community mainly comprises of these people as well, irrespective of its multiplayer nature.

Hence this resulted in a very laid back, friendly bunch of people, who greet each other, help each other, trade with each other in the post-apocalyptic world of Appalachia- the home of Fallout 76.


In fact my favourite activity in Fallout 76 is roaming around the country side, stumbling upon every other player's settlement. Greeting them, using their house to cook food, sleeping in their beds (glad they never killed me) and taking pictures of their faithfully created homes.

Bumping into another player in Fallout 76 always feels like a welcome change as the game's otherwise solitude nature starts to grow on me every so often. Not to mention the amount of help these other desolate survivors of the vault 76 provides.

Just the other day, I ventured into a high level event while playing alone and was cornered by a bunch of ghouls, some flying beasts and other enemies when out of nowhere, some level 150 players came to rescue me and finish the event, which otherwise I would have never managed alone. Now where does such a thing happen in other multiplayers games?

Fallout 76 may have had a bumpy start, but I can see a glitter of hope in its world as the game moves forward. With the new Nuclear Winter mode being a solid addition to the game, as well Wastelanders DLC coming later this year, it seems as though Fallout 76's Appalachia will continue to be my second home for a long time to come.

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