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Axiom Verge is Now Available For Free on Epic Games Store

Gautam Nath
101   //    08 Feb 2019, 18:18 IST

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Epic Games has been on a spree of giving away new games since its launch back in December. The free giveaway for Axiom Verge was announced a couple of weeks ago and it will be available for free between 7 February and 21 February. Released in 2015, Axiom Verge was available on PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, Nintendo Switch and the PS Vita. Epic Games offered Super Meat Boy for free in December and Jackbox Party Pack in January.

Axiom Verge's playstyle draws inspiration from the retro playstyle of Nintendo's 1986 game Metroid. The genre of game has been dubbed "Metroidvania" due to the legacy that Metroid has left since then on. The game emphasises on exploration and action, featuring over 60 different items and power-ups.

Axiom Verge is not perfect, but it does have its moments. It has an amazing soundtrack, taking you right back to the retro 80s and 90s. It has a very captivating story, filled with many achievements that are not too hard or grind-y to get. But it doesn't have the best boss fights and the weapons scattered across the game could also be more powerful.

Nonetheless, it is definitely worth trying for free! Whether you are a fan of Metroidvania style games or not, the game is not lengthy and does not require much of a commitment to do a full playthrough.

The game normally costs $12, but you can get it for free on the Epic Games Store. The Epic Games Store does not nearly have the features that Steam does, such as workshops, community forums, curators and more. They are hoping to reel in the Fortnite market as well as other gamers into their platform, which there are already too many of. Maybe it will stand out as a competitor but only time will tell.