Bend Studio’s next game after Days Gone might be Men in Black

Bend Studios might be developing a new Men in Black game for PlayStation (Image by Sony)
Bend Studios might be developing a new Men in Black game for PlayStation (Image by Sony)

The Australian e-commerce site recently listed a Men in Black game developed by Bend Studio for PlayStation 5.

With the PlayStation Showcase coming up, fans are quite excited to learn about games coming from Sony’s first-party studio. A recent listing by the Australian e-commerce site indicated a Men in Black project developed by Bend Studios (known for Days Gone) might be coming to PlayStation 5.

Men in Black is quite an interesting franchise, and it would be fun to see a video game adaptation where the player is tasked with hunting down aliens and using the neuralyzer to wipe memories.

Men in Black might be Bend Studio's next game

Based on the Malibu/Marvel comic book series and adapted for the big screen by Sony Colombia Pictures, Men in Black is a secret organization that polices alien activities on Earth. The first three Men in Black movies follow the story of Agent J portrayed by Will Smith and Agent K portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones, and Josh Brolin as a younger Agent K in the third part of the franchise. Recently, a new movie called Men in Black International was released starring Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, but the response was divided, to say the least.

Bend Studio’s last game, Days Gone, initially a PlayStation 4 exclusive, took the player on a road trip following a zombie apocalypse. Based on recent reports, the game failed to garner enough interest for PlayStation to greenlight the planned sequel. As such, Bend Studios has started work on a new game.

According to this listing by, Bend Studio’s next game might be based on the popular Men in Black IP. The game is listed for PlayStation 5, though it is uncertain if it will be available for PlayStation 4 as well.

Considering that is listing it as a pre-order, if the game turns out to be true, the release date might not be far away. Days Gone was released in April 2019, and as such Bend Studios could release a new game in mid-2022, giving them a three-year turnover, which is quite standard for most games. The PlayStation Showcase is set for September 9, 2021.

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