Why rumored God of War Ragnarok showcase could be biggest reveal of upcoming PlayStation 5 event

God of War is one of PlayStation 4's biggest hits (Image by PlayStation)
God of War is one of PlayStation 4's biggest hits (Image by PlayStation)

Sony recently announced a PlayStation Showcase, set for September 9. The event is rumored to feature a sequel to 2018’s God of War, which could be its biggest reveal.

Developed by Santa Monica Studios, God of War has been an iconic PlayStation franchise since its PlayStation 2 days. The series follows Kratos, a demigod who fights against the Greek pantheon in the original trilogy and its spinoff and earns the title of God of War.

With its 2018 iteration titled God of War, the series takes Kratos into the Nordic Pantheon. He travels through the nine realms with his son Atreus to spread the ashes of his wife.

The game became an instant hit for its fantastic story, action-filled gameplay, and breathtaking visuals.


The long-rumored sequel was announced last year, with just a text reading “Ragnarok is Coming.”

God of War Ragnarok, what is known and what to expect

The untitled sequel of 2018’s God of War doesn’t have a name, but based on its tease of Ragnarok, the world-ending event in Nordic Mythology, fans have dubbed it God of War Ragnarok.

2018’s God of War pushed the PlayStation 4 to its absolute limit, with its breathtaking graphics and a continuous story without a loading screen. While initially perceived as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, God of War Ragnarok has since been confirmed as a cross-gen title.

As such, there might not be a massive graphical leap from 2018’s God of War.


The game was initially teased for a 2021 release during the PlayStation 5 Showcase in 2020. However, since then, it has been pushed back to 2022, similar to Horizon II Forbidden West.

The upcoming PlayStation Showcase has long been anticipated, more so because Sony was absent from the 2021 E3 season.

As such, the God of War Ragnarok could be the biggest game reveal of the PlayStation Showcase, set to take place on September 9.

God of War Ragnarok could reveal its official name and the release date and gameplay alongside a CGI trailer before its release in 2022. Furthermore, the reveal could also showcase Atreus as a playable character, one of the top requests from the community, alongside him becoming [spoiler alert] Loki.

Several prominent leakers have already teased the game’s presence at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase on September 9.