God of War sequel delayed to 2022, confirmed as a cross-gen title

God of War (image by PlayStation)
God of War (image by PlayStation)

The sequel to 2018’s phenomenal PlayStation exclusive, God of War, has officially been delayed until 2022.

God of War has been one of Sony’s flagship franchises since its inception in 2005 on the original PlayStation 2. The series told the story of Kratos, a demigod who took on the greek pantheon.

After a long hiatus, the series returned with 2018’s soft reboot, God of War. The game received massive praise and became one of PlayStation 4’s best titles.

A sequel to the game was confirmed during 2020’s PlayStation 5 showcase event. The tease confirmed the release date as 2021, with a tagline, “Ragnarok is Coming.”

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God of War sequel delayed to 2022

Even though the initial date of the God of War sequel was announced as 2021, due to the lack of any information regarding the game, it is being speculated that the game might be delayed into 2022, due to the ongoing pandemic.

On 2nd June 2021, Herman Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios, released a blog titled “What’s Next for PlayStation Studios.”

In the blog, he talked about the future of the PlayStation franchise games. While discussing the PlayStation IPs, he mentioned that Horizon II Forbidden West is on track to be released during the 2021 holiday season, but the God of War Sequel has been delayed until next year. He said:

So we have, currently, two very big, very narrative-driven games in development: Horizon Forbidden West and the next God of War. And for both of those, they’re frankly affected by access to performance capture and talent. For Horizon, we think we are on track to release this holiday season. But that isn’t quite certain yet, and we’re working as hard as we can to confirm that to you as soon as we can.
And for God of War, the project started a little later. So we’ve made the decision to push that game out to next year, to ensure that Santa Monica Studio can deliver the amazing God of War game that we all want to play.

The news was soon officially confirmed by Santa Monica Studios, the company behind the God of War series. Hopefully, more information regarding the God of war sequel will be revealed at the upcoming E3 2021 and Summer Game Fest events.

God of War sequel is coming to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

Back in 2020, when both Sony and Microsoft were campaigning for their next generation of consoles, their aim for upcoming games was the polar opposite.

While Microsoft emphasized the “Play Anywhere” mentality, as well as promising backward compatibility on upcoming games, Sony prioritized pushing for PlayStation 5 exclusive games, as games shouldn’t be limited due to compatibility with the older generation of consoles.

The news of both Horizon II Forbidden West and God of War sequel comes as a sigh of relief to PlayStation 4 owners, as they will be able to enjoy their favorite games on the current console.

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