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Best Anime Games For Android & iOS In 2018 Part-1

Hrithik Raj
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 19:58 IST

Dragon Ball Legends
Dragon Ball Legends

Anime is the best thing this world could offer to us, well who doesn't like Anime? or games based on some of your favorite anime series. Some of the most awaited anime series like One Punch Man, Mob Psycho will be getting new seasons coming year. So, to get you all past that time I have prepared a list of Anime based games which will keep you busy till your favorite series starts airing.

NOTE:- This list will be a timeless list. In each list I will talk about 3 best anime based android /iOS games and with each new article in this series, new anime based games will be stacked up in the list. So, don't forget to bookmark the page, as I will be updating and adding new Anime Based games list daily. If you all have some suggestions that you think is suitable for the list then tell me in the comments down below and I'll add it in the future articles.

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1. TOKYO GHOUL [:re birth]

Tokyo Ghoul: Re Birth
Tokyo Ghoul: Re Birth

Folks at Bandai Namco Entertainment have brought you all one of the most awaited Tokyo Ghoul Re game. Characters from Original Series Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul √A, and Tokyo Ghoul:re all make an appearance! Haise Sasaki and Quinx from the latest season, Tokyo Ghoul: re, join the fight alongside Ken Kaneki, Kisho Arima, and other popular characters from the first two seasons of the anime!

GAME FEATURES(Source-Google Play)

- Beautiful anime visuals that combine 2D illustrations with 3D models!

2D illustrative portraits have been specially drawn for this game! Moving 3D models take over in battle, with voice-overs and illustrations appearing when you use skills! 


- 6-person tap-combo battle system!

Choose from over 100 characters and form a team of 6 split with 3 in the front line and 3 in the rear!

Deal consecutive attacks using skills and character switches to achieve combos!

- In-depth levelling system! Power up your characters and upgrade their kagune and quinque to get special abilities! Gather items to upgrade your weapons and strengthen your characters!

- "Ghoul" and "Human" struggle for power in "Territory Battle"! Each season, players are split into "Ghoul" and "Human" and fight for control over the wards of Tokyo through battles and "Dispatch"!

- Battle other players in "Strike"! Defeat the enemy team and get ranking rewards!

- Fight powerful enemies in the extreme battle, "Raid"! Face tough enemies such as Rate SS Ghouls and Special Class Investigators!

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