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Best attachments for the AK117 in COD Mobile 

Image Credit: Gurugamer
Image Credit: Gurugamer
Modified 22 Sep 2020, 11:25 IST

COD Mobile has a lot of great options for assault rifles, and the AK117 is definitely towards the top of the list. It might not be considered the best in the current season but it is more than viable and a great tool to utilize for any multiplayer games.

As a variant of the classic AK-47, many of the traits remain the same, and the style of the weapon should be fairly familiar. The weapons are a little slower and might have some strong recoil but they pack a heavy punch with automatic fire. They are weapons that start off with a good base and can be made better with some good attachment setups.

Best attachments for the AK117 in COD Mobile

Image Credit: Zillion Gamer
Image Credit: Zillion Gamer

The AK117 has a lot of great base statistics. The weapon has great damage, controllable recoil and a fairly high fire rate relative to other weapons. The high fire rate and damage are some of the reasons that the AK117 stands out in COD Mobile. According to the in-game stats, the base stats for the AK117 in COD Mobile are as follows:

  • Damage - 38
  • Fire rate - 77
  • Accuracy - 62
  • Mobility - 66
  • Range - 52

At base level, the AK117 packs average damage, though the fire rate is a great statistic that makes wielding the AK117 a bit more appealing.

From the base, further attachments can either fill in the gaps for where the AK117 falls short or they can enhance what may already be so great for the weapon.

In COD Mobile, some additional accuracy and range can really benefit the AK117, especially when the recoil can tend to kick because of the high fire rate. The following five-attachment set-up can serve as a great attachment base to build off of:

  • RTC steady stock
  • Optical sights
  • extended mags
  • Ranger Foregrip
  • OWC tactical laser

The steady stock and the ranger foregrip will give a needed boost to recoil stabilization on the AK117 in COD Mobile. Along with the needed recoil control, the weapon will run out of ammo relatively fast due to fire rate, and an extended magazine will solve that problem. Those attachments will take away mobility, and the tactical laser will solve that problem a fair amount.

The last attachment is an optic of choice for the player which can extend the range and accuracy. However, if a player feels confident with the given iron sights, a quick draw can be equipped for fast ADS speed or FMJ for additional damage through surfaces. Different attachments can be used but the given list above will be the best base to start from in COD Mobile.

Published 22 Sep 2020, 06:23 IST
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