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5 Best Battle Royale Games That You Should Play

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:00 IST


Battle Royale is the new most popular genre at the moment in the world of videogames. And why not? Battle Royale games can give you everything other games can. Mind boggling strategy, building, run and gun, first-person shooter, Third Person shooter and what not.

The reason behind Battle Royale games being popular is very simple. This one genre provides you everything you can get out of other games. The theme itself is pretty interesting, multiplayer games reached a new height with Battle Royale games. This genre allows you to play solo or with your squad yet at the same time you fight more than one enemy. Being the last man standing is a great feeling and every player can feel it in any battle royale games.

What started with H1Z1 turned into something huge when PUBG and Fortnite came in. Other organizations saw the success and as a result, now we have more games offering you a battle royale experience. Counter-Strike: GO was one of the games to who added a battle royale mode for the players. Warface did it before CSGO.

These games offer you a complete battle royale experience. You can feel the adrenaline rush and the intense immersive gameplay can really get on to your nerves. Battle Royale games really hit the roof when PUBG came out. Even if we ignore the PUBG PC community the mobile PUBG community alone can tell many games to back off. In South East Asia Valve's DOTA2 and CSGO used to be the most popular games with a stable and growing community. After PUBG mobile hit the market, that story changed. PUBG is not anymore one of the popular games, in this particular region it has become the most popular game.

With Battle Royale genre moving ahead so fast we are expecting few new battle royale games to release but until then here are the 5 best Battle Royale games you can play.



PUBG had a super busy 2018. They did not only release two new maps but also adding more features to the game while the game is already breaking records all over the world. PUBG came out to the PC gaming industry first, after the huge success developers decided to release it on the mobile and the mobile version was so popular that they released PUBG emulator so the game can be played on the computer.

Wait! What? Yeah PUBG emulator is basically an emulated version of a mobile game which is a mobile version of a PC game. Totally very simple.

Doesn't matter how much you joke about it, the game is doing some serious business. PUBG mobile entered the Esports pretty fast after the release and now we can see Million dollar tournaments all over the world.


PUBG allows you to play solo, Duo and squad games. You will be matched against the same. Even the emulator version is so popular that it takes roughly 10-15 seconds or less to find a match against other players who are using emulators. You can strictly play against mobile players or you can use emulator and play against other players who are using the emulator. The emulator is PUBG's own product so no, you will not be banned for using it.

Tencent Games has also come up with PUBG Lite which is basically a lighter version of PUBG and can be played on low end PCs and mobile devices.

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Published 10 May 2019, 19:36 IST
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