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Best HVK-30 loadout in COD Mobile

(Image Credit: CODM_Murdablast/Twitter)
(Image Credit: CODM_Murdablast/Twitter)
Modified 21 Oct 2020, 04:47 IST

COD Mobile assault rifles are a very diverse class of weapons. Some of them are very slow firing, high damage guns that are on the verge of being a DMR. Others, like the HVK-30, are pseudo smg weapons, that wouldn't stand a chance at range.

The HVK-30 is the most SMG-like assault rifle in the class within COD Mobile. It has the lowest base damage in the class at a humble 35. However, it has one of the highest fire rates and among the best control stats. In the class, it has the highest fire rate to control ratio. That means although it might struggle at any kind of range, up close and personal, the HVK-30 becomes a laser beam smg with the right attachments.

Best HVK-30 loadout in COD Mobile


(Image Credit: Activision)
(Image Credit: Activision)

Stippled Grip Tape

There is no point in playing into typical assault rifle attachments for the HVK-30. This class is going to focus on speed and close range stats as if it were an SMG. Options are plentiful for other assault rifles that can use range better than an HVK-30 in COD Mobile, so enhancing mobility is the goal.

Stippled Grip Tape is the go-to speed attachment for any weapon as it decreases sprint to fire speed as well as ADS speed. Control isn't affected, but accuracy will take a hit, which isn't a big deal up when used close and personal.

OWC Laser - Tactical


The Tac laser is another speed attachment without much of a downgrade at all. The downgrade is a visible laser when aiming, but that wont matter much as the goal isn't to hide with this weapon. Rather, the enemy shouldn't be able to spot a player when the fights are so close, based on laser alone.

Tac lasers increase accuracy, increases ADS speed, and adds mobility. Those are all great stats for a close quarters HVK-30.

Fast Reload

Not every assault rifle has the option to add a fast mag only. Many come with the addition of an extended ammo capacity that also slows the weapon down. Fast mags on the HVK-30 in COD Mobile won't affect speed on the weapon at all, but it will decrease how long it takes to reload the weapon.

Strike Foregrip

One of the first foregrips unlocked on most assault rifles, it increases control and accuracy with a slight hit to mobility. However, it doesn't hurt the ADS speed of the weapon. It's a great attachment on any weapon in COD Mobile.

The additional control will be a leg up on actual SMG weapons when it comes to medium ranges.

OWC Light Suppressor

Damage range is hurt with the Light Suppressor, but that isn't worth worrying about with a close range weapon. It might mean that long range engagements should be forgotten though.

Regardless, supressors in COD Mobile will keep players inconspicuous and hidden from the enemies, which is always an advantage.

Published 21 Oct 2020, 04:47 IST
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