Best Pharo Loadout for COD Mobile Season 5

(Image via COD Mobile)
(Image via COD Mobile)
Avhinandan Chakraborty

The balance between weapons in Season 5 of COD Mobile has allowed players to experiment with various weapons in ranked matches. If one observes what pro players are rocking in competitive matches, they might be surprised to learn that QXR and PP19 Bizon are both at the top of the list.

Despite the significant nerfs to both the weapons, there are still the most preferred weapons at close and medium ranges. The CR-56 AMAX and DR-H are better at medium and long-range fights. Furthermore, there is the AS-VAL which might be the best weapon in COD Mobile Season 6. However, it is not very dependable at range. This season did not have a weapon that was broken in all situations, and that allows for more discoveries in the arsenal.

Pharo, for instance, is a very dependable SMG in COD Mobile. It did receive a soft nerf some seasons back, but there is no reason to ditch Pharo in Season 5 of COD Mobile. With the right build, this burst weapon can still cause some serious havoc in the close and medium range.

However, one must be careful about the mode selection for this weapon. As re-spawns tend to take up heavy engagements, one after the other, a burst weapon can become overwhelming to use. Nonetheless, it is a perfect aid in Search and Destroy.

With the ability to eliminate players with a single burst, Pharo can be best enjoyed if it is played aggressively. With the right map knowledge and with some help from tactical grenades, players can even push deep into enemy spawns in bigger maps like Takeoff and Crossfire, where long-range fights are most common.

Aggressive Pharo build for COD Mobile Season 5

Since Pharo is SMG, it already has high mobility, which can be sacrificed to bring other factors to a positive. This build has good accuracy and control along with good range.

This build will shred at close ranges and medium ranges. Players need to acquaint themselves with the burst recoil pattern. Aiming higher will also help land easy headshots and kill enemies with a single burst.

Aggressive Pharo build for COD Mobile (Image via COD Mobile)
Aggressive Pharo build for COD Mobile (Image via COD Mobile)
  • Barrel- OWC Marksman
  • Stock- YKM Combat Stock
  • Laser- OWC Laser Tactical
  • Ammunition- 36 Round Fast Reload
  • Rear Grip- Granulated Grip Tape

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