Blizzard is creating a brand new Warcraft game for mobile devices

A brand new game is being made for mobiles (Image via 9to5mac)
A brand new game is being made for mobiles (Image via 9to5mac)
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Warcraft has been a massive IP in the gaming world ever since the first game came out, and there are now plans to bring the franchise to the pockets of fans.

The Warcraft IP has been home to some of the best-known games, including World of Warcraft and spin-offs like Hearthstone. The IP had its own hype when it was created but has increased in volume over the years. Blizzard has gone on a bit of a backburner over the last few years, with the existing titles bringing the core of the revenue.


Revenues were indeed the talk of the moment as Activision Blizzard completed their Q3 meeting. While discussing the main streams of revenues was the main agenda, the devs also laid out plans for mobile devices. Rumors have now started doing rounds about what the game will be offering on mobiles.

Blizzard could be making a brand new Warcraft game for mobiles

During Blizzard's recent quarterly earnings report, the devs released a statement to the press saying:

"Blizzard is planning substantial new content for the Warcraft franchise in 2022, including new experiences in World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, and getting all-new mobile Warcraft content into players’ hands for the first time."

Lately, the devs have started thinking about the mobile market more clearly. Blizzard themselves have decided to enter the mobile market with one of their other successful franchises - Diablo. While Diablo Immortal is yet to complete its trial and get a global release, Blizzard already has ideas in place to expand the experience.

If developments at the investor meeting are anything to go by, the company is planning to bring the game to mobile. The planned adaptation is for a fresh experience altogether. It's even better news as it means that Blizzard isn't just talking about fresh content for Hearthstone, but also a new game. The plan for the mobile adaptation has already been confirmed by the developers themselves.

It's way too early and way too little information has been given out. The new game could be anything, including even an experience that's not available on PCs and consoles. This will be no mean feat as consoles and PC games coming to mobiles have just been an adaptation of their original structures.

New Warcraft mobile game is under development

WoW continues to do well with its subscription model, bringing in healthy revenue. Hearthstone's revenue has continued to grow year-on-year with the release of fresh content. It will be interesting to see when the mobile offering becomes a reality and how it will perform for Blizzard. There is also talk of the studio doing work on new IPs with the acquisition by Microsoft on the way. 2022 will be an interesting year for both Blizzard and fans of their games.

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