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Blizzard reveals new characters for Overwatch, Beta Announced.

A Screenshot from Overwatch. Overwatch, American developer Blizzard’s latest first-person co-op game in the offering will have players tak ...

News 08 Mar 2015, 11:52 IST

A Screenshot from Overwatch.

Overwatch, American developer Blizzard’s latest first-person co-op game in the offering will have players take the role of various ‘heroes’ and complete objective based game modes. Blizzard has announced a few new characters joining the breed and a beta which will be conducted soon.

The shooter has two modes that have been shown earlier like the ‘Payload’, a bomb planting mission where one team attacks by guarding a bomb that is on a fixed track to it’s location when the allies are near it, while the other team defends the location.The other mode is the very simple ‘Point Capture’, which like the name suggests, requires players to capture points on the map to win.The wide collection of unique characters is noteworthy as each hero has their own ability and a set class role.

There is a new character named  Zarya, who is a Russian soldier that takes on the role of a tank. Her particle cannon has short range damage but it can also emit a personal shield that protects her. Alternatively, she can shoot the personal barrier to another player and shield them from damage. Her special ability is ‘Gravity Bomb’, which draws in and traps enemies and deals damage while they are stuck.  

Another is McCree, a bounty hunter from New Mexico, who can explain his very own ‘western’ look. His trusty six-shooter partner, Peacekeeper allows him to fire individual bullets or knock the hammer down and fire off the entire round in quick succession. McCree’s Combat Roll ability allows him to reload and get out of difficult situations all in one foul swoop and his flashbang stuns enemies. His ultimate ability is ‘DeadEye’, which has him unload on any enemies in his line of sight, the weaker they are the quicker he lines up the sights for a killshot.

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