Bloober Team is working on 3 more horror games alongside rumored Silent Hill reboot

Bloober Team might just have more in store for fans (Image via The Media, by Bloober Team)
Bloober Team might just have more in store for fans (Image via The Media, by Bloober Team)
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Bloober Team, the studio well known for horror games, is reportedly working on three more horror games alongside the rumored Silent Hill reboot.

Based out of Poland, Bloober Team is known for horror titles such as Layers of Fear, Observer, and Blair Witch. The studio’s most recent game, The Medium, was launched in January for the Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC with massive praise for its unique storytelling. The title is scheduled to be released on the PlayStation 5 in September.


Following rumors of the Silent Hill reboot by the Bloober Team, it was discovered that the studio has applied three projects, named Dum Spiro, H2O, and Black, for the Creative European Project Grant to the European Union.

Bloober Team is working on three more horror games

Since 2016’s Layers of Fear, the Bloober Team has developed multiple psychological horror games, including Observer (2017), Layers of Fear 2 (2019), Blair Witch (2019), and The Medium (2021). The studio was recently reported to be developing a new Silent Hill reboot in partnership with Konami.

Redditor u/Awkward96 over on the r/GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit recently discovered that the Polish studio had registered three upcoming games for the Creative European Project Grant in the European Union.

The registered games are Dum Spiro, H2O, and Black. Expectedly, fans are excited to see more of the Bloober Teams game in the coming years.

Bloober Team developing Silent Hill Reboot in partnership with Konami

Silent Hill is a classic horror franchise with a cult following. Unfortunately, similar to other legendary Konami franchises like Metal Gear and Castlevania, the franchise has largely been ignored. But that might soon change as Konami is reportedly partnering with multiple studios to bring older franchises to the modern era.

Rumors of the Bloober Team, known for psychological horror games, developing a Silent Hill reboot were first speculated upon in February. CEO Piotr Babieno had reported that the team is working on another horror IP with a famous game publisher, following which VGC reported the game to be a Silent Hill reboot.

The rumor further solidified and gained traction when it was reported that Konami and Bloober Team had entered an agreement.

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