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The ultimate guide for Robo Rumble in Brawl Stars

  • The comprehensive guide of Robo Rumble and how to beat it
Lee Wei
Modified 03 Mar 2020, 19:04 IST

Robo Rumble
Robo Rumble

Robo Rumble is the main special event in Brawl Stars where all players should finish their tickets, as it provides the best value of tokens per ticket which is very crucial for progressionRobo Rumble is a PvE mode where 3 players have to clear wave after wave of robots for as long as possible. The primary objective of the event is to protect the safe. There are four types of robots:

  • Melee Robot: High HP, fast attack speed, slow movement speed and short-range
  • Sniper Robot: Low HP, moderate attack speed and movement speed, long-range and fast projectile speed
  • Mini Robot: Moderate HP, fast attack speed and movement speed, short-range
  • Boss Robot: Very high HP and damage, short-range but can shoot rockets (Spawns on waves 7,14 and 21)

The time required to get the maximum reward of 32 tokens per ticket is 6 minutes and 15 seconds, this is the time that all players should work to achieve consistently. Once players get the hang of it, it will be much easier. But it is still recommended to play with friends, as team composition and teamwork are crucial. The game will still proceed after that, and the maximum survival time possible is 13 minutes and 14 seconds, which will cause the match to end immediately.

The first wave starts immediately and each new wave of robots starts 12 seconds after the prior wave began, except after a Boss wave begins, when there is a 22-second gap instead. There are three stages of waves with each stage consisting of 2 waves of 2 robots, then 2 waves of 3 robots, then 2 waves of 4 robots and finally a Boss Robot. After that, the next stage begins and the robots also get stronger:

  • Normal: Starts from wave 1, Grey robots and base stats
  • Angry: After wave 7, Purple robots and increases stats
  • Furious: After wave 14, Red robots and increases stats even further
  • Enraged: After wave 21, Yellow robots and increases stats even further

After wave 21, 2 robots will spawn for 2 waves, then an additional robot will be added every 2 waves. If robots are not destroyed within 90 seconds, the robots will become enraged and only target the safe.

There are two main factors to be aware of while playing Robo Rumble. First is the robots, players need to be alert of where robots are coming from since they can spawn in any direction. The robots will spawn on the edges of the map and it will take them a few seconds to arrive after spawning, but the robots would not arrive at the same time. Some robots will come fast or slow, depending on their movement speed and distance to the safe.

Equally important are the walls, walls are very important assets to help players delay the robots and also protect the safe. No matter what happens, it is always important to prevent and avoid breaking the walls. The most standard team composition to play is Pam8-Bit, Jessie since none of them break walls players would not need to worry about that aspect. It is slightly harder to defend if the inner walls are destroyed.


Vault Defenders, Robo Rumble
Vault Defenders, Robo Rumble

Here, we are going to talk about how a standard playthrough should work. At first, players should focus on charging their super. Once charged, give the teammates a chance to charge their supers too. It is fine to wander off a bit, but do not leave the safe too far away. After charging Supers, players should not spawn the turrets or stations immediately. Wait until wave 7 for the first Boss Robot to spawn, then spawn the turrets and stations to help defeat the Boss as fast as possible. Players should go towards the Boss before it gets close to the safe. Always make sure that no more robots are coming before going for the Boss.

When fighting the Boss, it is recommended to fight the Boss from the side. One player, preferably Pam, can attract the Boss to face outside rather than towards the safe. This is to prevent the Boss from shooting its rockets towards the safe and also prevents the inner walls surrounding the safe from getting destroyed. If the Boss does shoot towards the safe, players would need to body block the rockets. Each player needs to rotate and body block so that the damage is spread among three players and all players will survive. It is best to stay within Pam’s station since attacking will prevent regeneration.

After killing the Boss, players need to head back towards the safe immediately. From here on, players need to play around the safe and help each other. Players need to spawn their turrets and stations on the position of the safe so that the spawns can also block some incoming attacks. It is best to always stay within the range of Pam and 8-Bit's stations, both stations have a similar range, so the effects will work at the same time. Clear all the waves, then repeat the same steps to defeat the Boss Robot and the remaining waves. Once players reach 6 minutes and 15 seconds the game is theoretically completed.

Max reward game of Robo Rumble
Max reward game of Robo Rumble

As for Star Powers, the better Star Powers are Pam’s Mama’s Hug8-Bit’s Boosted Booster and Jessie’s Shocky. The other Star Powers are also viable if players lack the ones mentioned above. Other viable brawlers are FrankPrimoBullRosaDarrylMaxColtRico. But Pam and 8-Bit are still the key brawlers to help achieve a good time, regardless of level. If Jessie is at a lower power level, it is interchangeable with more tanky brawlers or high DPS brawlers such as the ones mentioned above.

Published 03 Mar 2020, 19:04 IST
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