CallMeCarson allegations worsen as 17-year-old accuses him of grooming

Image via CallMeCarson/YouTube
Image via CallMeCarson/YouTube

The grooming allegations against CallMeCarson have sent shockwaves through his fan base, and they are getting murkier.

Noah and Traves, former members of The Lunch Club podcast, recently stunned the world after alleging that the Minecraft star groomed underage fans on Keemstar’s latest Drama Alert episode.

With the internet still reeling from these claims, a woman has now come forward with several incriminating screenshots where she accuses CallMeCarson, 21, of grooming her while she was still 17, and in high school:

In a detailed Twitter thread, a user by the name of Sam revealed shockingly inappropriate messages allegedly sent to her by CallMeCarson.

Revealing that their conversation stemmed from a joke where she tweeted at him to be her boyfriend, CallMeCarson, then 19, soon slide into her DM’s:

She even provided additional proof by providing a screenshot of his Discord account ID, with her messages in the background:

Twitter reacts as woman claims she was groomed by CallMeCarson


Recently, Drama Alert host Keemstar hosted a breaking episode on his channel, inviting Noah and Traves, former members of The Lunch Club.

The two claimed that CallMeCarson had allegedly sexted underage fans back in March and had simultaneously informed all the members of his actions.

While their revelations were merely accusations, with no semblance of solid proof until this point of time, it is the recently leaked Discord messages by the then-teenage victim that have further enraged the online community.

In light of her shocking revelations, a majority of fans extended support to her and denounced the inappropriate messages allegedly sent by the popular Minecraft YouTuber:

Another user also made a vital point related to all those duking it out over the Romeo and Juliet laws, which deal with consent and legal age, especially when the couple’s age difference is minor.

While some argued that since CallMeCarson was 19 and the victim 17, their interaction can be deemed legal. However, that Carson himself admits to it being grooming and still continues with it is what poses a major problem:

As the internet continues to come to terms with these shocking allegations, Keemstar announced that he would do a follow up video tomorrow, where reportedly more victims would share their stories:

Considering these recently leaked Discord messages, things don’t look good for CallMeCarson, as fans continue to await an accountable response from him.

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