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Chrono vs Moco in Free Fire: Which character is better for the Factory Challenge?

Chrono and Moco are popular characters in Garena Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Chrono and Moco are popular characters in Garena Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Modified 16 Feb 2021

Garena Free Fire is one of the most played mobile games in the world. Much of its success can be credited to the unique features that set it apart from other mobile battle royale titles.

Free Fire's characters are one of the game's distinguishing features. Each one of them, except for the default characters, has special abilities that significantly help players on the battleground.

The Factory Challenge is one of the most popular custom room challenges created by popular content creators on YouTube.

This article will compare two popular Free Fire characters, Chrono and Moco, to determine who is the best pick for the Factory Challenge.

Assessing the abilities of Chrono and Moco in Free Fire

Chrono's ability - Time Turner

Chrono in Garena Free Fire
Chrono in Garena Free Fire

Chrono has an ability called Time Turner. At level one, this ability can create a force field that blocks 600 damage from enemies. He can also shoot at opponents from within the force field. In addition, his movement speed increases by 15%.

Allies who are inside the force field get a 10% increment in movement speed, which lasts four seconds and has a cooldown of fifty seconds.

Moco's ability - Hacker's Eye

Moco in Free Fire
Moco in Free Fire

As per her in-game description, Moco is an outstanding hacker. She has a passive ability called Hacker's Eye that tags enemies who have been shot for 2 seconds and shares their information with teammates.

She can be boosted to level six by using character level-up cards.


While Chrono and Moco are great characters to use in Classic and Clash Squad modes, the latter is not suited to the Factory Challenge.

Chrono's ability can block damage from enemies while allowing the player to simultaneously attack them. It also increases the movement speed of the player and his/her allies.


Meanwhile, Moco's ability to tag enemies is not of any use as players usually fight in a duel in the Factory Challenge.

Note: This article reflects the author's opinion, and what may seem the best to one may not be so to someone else.

Published 16 Feb 2021, 08:33 IST
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