Clash of Clans December update's leaked features explored

Clash of Clans easter eggs reveal a lot about the upcoming updates (Image via Supercell)
Clash of Clans Easter eggs reveal a lot about the upcoming updates (Image via Supercell)

Clash of Clans has kept the gaming community on its toes by hinting at major releases in its December update. Supercell usually incorporates this annual patch in December to introduce numerous exciting changes to the game. Moreover, the title's recent releases feature various easter eggs, hinting at the much-awaited release of Town Hall 16, leaving many curious to see what is in store.

Supercell teased the forthcoming update's features in its ongoing Hammer Jam event trailer. Also, COC's recent official YouTube videos and livestreams reveal a lot about the December update, and this article will sum up these hints.

Clash of Clans can release the much-awaited Town Hall 16 in the December update


Clash of Clans has recently released some teasers and videos on its YouTube channel that suggest the release of Town Hall 16. For example, the one embedded above with a tagline - "It's coming."

One of these teasers presented a home village scattered with Easter eggs, emphasizing the number 16. Furthermore, the TH15 base in the video featured an upgrade button, indicating the nearby launch of Town Hall 16.

If we scrutinize the ongoing Hammer Jam event's trailer, we'll likely get a glimpse of the TH16 along with the various elements of the December update. By doing so, we'll see the highly-awaited Town Hall may have a red and yellow color scheme with some sort of spires on its outer structure. These features are further indicated in a recent Clash of Clans post on the App Store.

Going further, the recent official COC livestream showed a designer with a T-shirt featuring the entire lineup of COC THs. However, the last and the 16th Town Hall was in a silhouette form, suggesting an imminent TH16 release.

What are the Easter eggs in the Clash of Clans Hammer Jam event's trailer?


The Hammer Jam event's trailer reveals a lot about the December update. Not only the release of the new Town Hall, but the trailer also sheds light on the upcoming new features we're likely to see in the game. These Easter eggs are discussed below:

  • Wizard Tower and Air Sweeper can get new upgrade levels.
  • We can see a new Archer Tower building, which can be a product of the union of two Archer Towers.
  • New Bomb Tower upgrade level, featuring the red and yellow color scheme.
  • The Barbarian troop with a clock whose needles point at 1 and 6, ultimately indicating the TH16's release.
  • An enigmatic reference to "Electric Pulse" suggests a P.E.K.K.A-themed update in COC.