Massively Multiplayer Games (MMO)

Last Modified Mar 08, 2022 08:45 GMT

A massively multiplayer online game (MMOG or MMO) is an online video game with a large number of players, often hundreds or thousands, all playing on the same server. MMOs constantly infuse new content and allow the players to play millions of other people. MMOs can allow players to collaborate and compete on a large scale, as well as interact meaningfully with people all over the world. They include a wide range of gameplay types, representing a wide range of video game genres.

These games are available for most network-capable platforms, including PCs, video game consoles, smartphones, and other mobile devices. The multiplayer flight combat simulation game Air Warrior by Kesmai on the GEnie online service, which first appeared in 1986.

Most MMOGs also have other distinguishing features that set them apart from other multiplayer online games. MMOGs house a large number of players in a single game world, and all of those players can interact with one another at any time.

Some Massively Multiplayer Online Games are:

  1. Lost Ark
  2. Final Fantasy XIV
  3. Lord of the Rings Online
  4. Minecraft
  5. World of Warcraft
  6. Elder Scrolls Online
  7. Destiny 2
  8. Old School RuneScape
  9. Warframe

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