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Coco in Animal Crossing. Image via Pinterest
Coco in Animal Crossing. Image via Pinterest

Each Animal Crossing villager falls under a category of personalities, and each one has a unique role. There are smug villagers, lazy villagers, peppy villagers, snooty villagers and more. There are salesman villagers, assisting villagers and more.

All these things, plus their house and physical appearance, lead some villagers to be more desirable than others. Sometimes, the combination of things leads players to not want certain villagers. Unfortunately, Coco is one of those villagers.

Coco in Animal Crossing is a frightening villager and is one many players try not to have on their island. Here's everything about her in New Horizons.

Coco in Animal Crossing

The name Coco is likely a play on the word coconut, since coconuts typically have three holes in them, much like the holes for Coco's mouth and eyes. These holes are a driving force as to why players shy away from here. It's quite creepy.

Coco reading in Animal Crossing. Image via The Centurion Report
Coco reading in Animal Crossing. Image via The Centurion Report

Coco is a rabbit villager and her personality is normal. So far, she remains the only normal rabbit villager in Animal Crossing. Her uniqueness in that aspect has caused her desirability to go up, though she is considered one of the worst villagers in the game.

Coco. Image via Animal Crossing Wiki
Coco. Image via Animal Crossing Wiki

Her normal personality means she gets along with a lot of other villagers, so having her on the island will probably not cause conflicts with villagers. It also means she is friendly and kind to the player. Coco also does not change her face with different expressions, though the size of the mouth and eye holes does change.

Coco is one of the few villagers that is not an animal. The list includes Coco, Sprocket, Del, Ribbot, Hopkins and Stitches. She has the education hobby, which means villagers with it are more likely to be seen wearing glasses and reading and are more likely to visit the museum. Coco usually wakes up at about 6:00 a.m. and is fairly easy to befriend.

Is Coco a good addition to an Animal Crossing island?

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