COD Mobile: 3 best SMGs in October 2020

Image Credits: Activision Games Blog
Image Credits: Activision Games Blog

Call Of Duty: Mobile, popularly known as COD Mobile, has been one of the best mobile games in the battle royale genre since its inception in October 2019. Like all other BR titles, it has a similar idea of surviving till the end.

Since it is a shooter game, every individual has his/her preferences when it comes to choosing an assault rifle, sniper rifle, or SMG. But if someone wants to upgrade or boost his/her aggressive game in COD Mobile, either in a Team Deathmatch or the Battle Royale mode, there is no better option than a submachine gun (SMG).

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Top 3 SMGs available in COD Mobile

Image Credits: Reddit
Image Credits: Reddit

3) Pharo

The Pharo is a burst submachine gun in COD Mobile with an insanely explosive damage rate of 77 in close range combats and can knock down enemies within seconds in a single burst. With its high mobility and fire rate, there is no doubt about its explosiveness in close combat.

However, the reason that it has achieved the third place in this list is that it is a burst gun. This means that it causes significantly lesser damage to enemies when a player shoots at the limbs, even over close range.

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Image Credits:

2) QQ9

The QQ9 is unbelievably useful when it comes to close combat actions in COD Mobile. Though it has similar damage, accuracy, and fire rate to the Pharo, it has a lesser damage rate in the 5m range.

So, how does it make the second place on this list? The answer is that it is a fully automatic close-range SMG, unlike the Pharo, in COD Mobile.

The QQ9 deserves to be in the first place, but the only point that holds it back is its increasing vertical and horizontal recoil control while firing.

Image Credits: Reddit
Image Credits: Reddit

1) Cordite

The Cordite tops our list of best SMGs in COD Mobile. It has a monstrous fire rate of 80 and an accuracy of 57, which makes it popular among COD Mobile fans. Though it has a relatively lower damage rate than the Pharo and QQ9, the firing rate compensates for this drawback.

The QQ9 and Cordite are blood brothers when we speak of their functionality and effectiveness in their prime, but the latter steals the crown when we consider its firing rate, accuracy, and recoil control.

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Disclaimer: What may seem to be a good weapon for one person may not be for others. There are several other SMGs that are available in the game, and depending on the choice and preference of players, they may like them more.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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