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COD: Mobile: How to play the game 

219   //    01 Oct 2019, 23:13 IST

COD: Mobile
COD: Mobile

Activision has now teased COD: Mobile's game breakdown and rolled out a boot camp blog to explain how to play the game. The blog explains everything from downloading the COD: Mobile app to exploring the menu and navigating within the game.

How to log into COD: Mobile?

As the blog rightly suggests, a username has to be created by every player after downloading the game through their social media or email accounts or as a guest and that will take them to the in-game tutorial.

How to move, control and pick items in COD: Mobile?

Players can move around in COD: Mobile by pressing and panning the movement control that is present by default on the left side of their screen. The camera could be adjusted by moving fingers across the screen. Weapons and other items could be picked up by tapping on the small on-screen pop-ups that appear when a player is in proximity with pickables.

Post the registration, Lieutenant Simon “Ghost” Riley, who Call of Duty fans recognize from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, will give an interactive briefing on the game’s basic controls by asking players to move from one point to another, aim at an enemy to take a shot, etc. 

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Simple and Advanced Modes of firing

Additionally, COD: Mobile also brings along simple and advanced modes of firing. The Simple Mode fires automatically when a player fixes an aim or crosses an enemy target. The aim is fixed by placing a centre point on a target as usual, by panning the camera and moving around when necessary. The Advanced Mode is where a player has to press and hold a fire button that will appear on the screen after aiming. Tapping the button once will open single firing while tapping the button and dragging it will open burst firing.

The interface with the Advanced Mode (Image: Activision)
The interface with the Advanced Mode (Image: Activision)

As a player completes the control and firing training, Simon “Ghost” Riley gifts a new weapon, M4. One can unlock the Battle Royale mode by playing the game and levelling up. Eventually, as a player progresses, he/she will be earning weapon upgrade coupons, new weapons, attachments and a lot more in-game items.

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